Rosie and Marcus 7/8/06

Here we are!  Married 2 years!  I can hardly believe it, time flies!  We had a beautiful wedding at First Baptist Windermere and then it was off to The Dolphin at Disney for a Cinderella reception!  It was truly amazing and everyone that helped us out deserves amazing Kudos for this spectacular event. Skip Stowers was our photographer, Diacom Entertainment was our Videographer, Anabella Salon was my hairdresser, Morning Glory Florist was our florist, New Beginnings was our DJ, the Fellowship Strings was our string music, Mears was our transportation.  There were ballerinas that danced here as well…but best of all I had a planner I know you are all wondering if I did it myself. To a degree, the creativity part was there the coordination the day of and throughout was handled by Daisy another planner….so you see fairytales do come true.

Rosie and Marcus 7/8/06

Rosie and Marcus 7/8/06

Sue and Jeff 11/5/05

Okay so the wedding planner planned her own here!  Sue and Jeff were married on 11/5/05….  A spectacular day indeed…..Sue is the wedding planner that handles the Southwest Florida area and on occasion has been known to come up to Orlando and help us out here as well.  Sue it is a pleasure having you on our team!

Linda and Chris 10/6/07

What an amazing day. The skies just opened up to rain the night before and the wee  morning hours of this wedding day.  We were very worried as this was an outdoor wedding, but God heard the please don’t rain plea and what a sunny day it turned out within minutes of the sunrise! 

Linda and Chris 10/6/07

Linda and Chris 10/6/07

Ketryn and Jim Wallace 9/9/06

Ketryn and Jim 9/9/06

Ketryn and Jim 9/9/06

Wow what a spectacular wedding….Truly a love story! Thank you for the opportunity to witness true love in the making. Ketryn and Jim had their first dance and sung the words to each other as they danced. Truly and amazing site to see them gaze in each other’s eyes as if they were the only ones in the room and share their love!

Nikki and Chris 5/5/07

Nikki and Chris were married on 5/5/07 in Orlando Florida!  What a day for a fairytale wedding! We were so blessed to see this special day for you and Chris finally come true!  Kudos to Nikki as well for graduating from RN school the month after that and landing a job as a critical care nurse! Way to go!

Nikki and Chris 5/5/07

Nikki and Chris 5/5/07

Lesley and Nick 1/19/2008

Lesley and Nick's Wedding day 1/19/08

Lesley and Nick

Lesley and Nick were married on 1/19/2008 in Pensacola Florida!

I was worried for a bit there with the cold and rainy weather, but it turned out to be a beautiful but frigid day! It actually snowed at 10am Pensacola time!  Quite a site for a minute I wondered if I was in Florida. We enjoyed every aspect of your special day!

Lauren and Gerald 6/26/10

Lauren is a fantastic motivational speaker and author for at risk youth and women.  Lauren is getting married to Gerald on 6/26/10.  Originally she was to be married in Gainesville, but then thought about it after I asked her why have 250 people travel to Florida for a wedding and moved the wedding to NJ. Where you may have close to 300 people in attendance!

This wedding will be a truly romantic day, Gerald and Lauren are sweetherts since college! We will be in NJ coordinating this blessed event for this happy couple.

Be on the look out for Lauren’s book titled Unleash the Passion For Your Purpose, it is available in bookstores now…….With future books to come……

Check out her website 

Who Knows one day she may be on Oprah interviewing her book or the next movie made by Tyler Perry!

Lauren in her professional author Look!
Lauren in her professional author Look!

Michelle and Luis 2/21/09

Michelle and Luis will be married on 2/21/09 at Stoney Brooke West!  It will be a fabulous wedding and no rain! It is funny that the three times we have all been together at the Stoney Brooke West we have had downpours and lightning strikes!  But we will chalk it up to good practice as to what to do if it rains!

Michelle and Luis celebrating at a friend's wedding!

Michelle and Luis celebrating at a friend's wedding

Candace and Eric 10/11/2008

We are very excited to be coordinating Eric and Candace’s Wedding on 10/11/2008 at the Rosen Centre. This wedding has romance and passion of love written all over it!  From the singers to the beautiful decor that will be seen this day…stay tuned for the wedding pictures in the next few weeks…sure to be amazing….

Candace and Eric's Engagement Picture

Candace and Eric