Candace and Eric 10/11/2008

We are very excited to be coordinating Eric and Candace’s Wedding on 10/11/2008 at the Rosen Centre. This wedding has romance and passion of love written all over it!  From the singers to the beautiful decor that will be seen this day…stay tuned for the wedding pictures in the next few weeks…sure to be amazing….

Candace and Eric's Engagement Picture

Candace and Eric

2 thoughts on “Candace and Eric 10/11/2008

  1. Well yesterday was the day Candace and Eric were married at the Rosen Centre, stay tuned for pictures soon in the next few weeks. It was a beautiful wedding!!!Candace was quite the blushing bride!!Even as she led the cupid shuffle..truly a loving couple…congratulations! The staff at the Rosen Center were fantastik, to say the least…made my day easier!!

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