Lauren and Gerald 6/26/10

Lauren is a fantastic motivational speaker and author for at risk youth and women.  Lauren is getting married to Gerald on 6/26/10.  Originally she was to be married in Gainesville, but then thought about it after I asked her why have 250 people travel to Florida for a wedding and moved the wedding to NJ. Where you may have close to 300 people in attendance!

This wedding will be a truly romantic day, Gerald and Lauren are sweetherts since college! We will be in NJ coordinating this blessed event for this happy couple.

Be on the look out for Lauren’s book titled Unleash the Passion For Your Purpose, it is available in bookstores now…….With future books to come……

Check out her website 

Who Knows one day she may be on Oprah interviewing her book or the next movie made by Tyler Perry!

Lauren in her professional author Look!
Lauren in her professional author Look!

3 thoughts on “Lauren and Gerald 6/26/10

  1. Blessed! This is a special woman. From the time we met I knew and my students knew Lauren had something to say and they wanted all she had to offer. When she walks in the room you have to take note…the glow of the Lord is all over her. It gives me great pride to say I know this beatuiful child and I call my adopted daughter.

  2. A merchant Circle review from Lauren Pitts:

    After contacting several wedding planners it amazed me how there appeared to be no sense of urgency in returning my calls. Rosie and Marcus of 27 Miracles were among the couple actually calling me back. After talking with her on the phone it was evident to me their ability to tap into our vision for our wedding day was a “gift” in my opinion from God. Throughout our planning they have been professional, sensitive, patient, organized and true embassadors for making our day “a dream come true”. We are getting married in New Jersey and planning a wedding from so far away can be difficult but not to Rosie and Marcus, it hasn’t affected their ability to get things done at all. Any Bride and Groom should count it a blessing to have them as their planners!

    February 04, 2009 by Lauren in Tavares, FL

    Merchant Response: “Thank you Lauren. It is with great pleasure that Marcus and I and our staff here take great pride in planning this special day. We are honored to know such wonderful people and the confidence you show in us to make this event a truly wonderful memory to last a lifetime. God bless you both!” – February 04, 2009

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