Michelle and Luis 2/21/09

Michelle and Luis will be married on 2/21/09 at Stoney Brooke West!  It will be a fabulous wedding and no rain! It is funny that the three times we have all been together at the Stoney Brooke West we have had downpours and lightning strikes!  But we will chalk it up to good practice as to what to do if it rains!

Michelle and Luis celebrating at a friend's wedding!

Michelle and Luis celebrating at a friend's wedding

One thought on “Michelle and Luis 2/21/09

  1. The date is getting closer to Michelle and Luis wedding day! Michelle you looked absolutely beautiful in your wedding gown when you tried it on for your first fitting at Minervas. Luis will be stunned when he sees you! Thank you for sharing your very special day with 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting. You have a beautiful family and we so enjoyed meeting them at your couples shower.

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