Motivational Speaker Announcement

Special Announcement

Crowned Laurel Communications

Motivational Speaker, Lauren Pitts


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Lauren Pitts an exceptionally dynamic motivational speaker. 


Over the past sixteen years, Lauren has dedicated her time, energy and overall efforts working toward positively impacting her community, embracing being a fulltime career woman and mother.  Her particular passion is helping people, particularly young people and women, establish goals, pursue and achieve their dreams and achieve emotional wholeness.


In 1990, Lauren completed her Associate Degree from Johnson & Wales University where she majored in Hotel/Restaurant Management.  She later went on to receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Organizational Management from Edward Waters College.  Lauren has worked faithfully and successfully in the hospitality industry in the capacity of Trainer, Multi-Unit Manager, General Manager, Director and Business Owner.  In addition, Lauren is also an educator and motivational speaker who began working with youth and  cultural enrichment programs while in college and continues the work today through the organizations she founded, Teens on Track for Success and Crowned Laurel Communications.


Throughout Lauren’s career she has been honored with countless awards, commendations and certificates of achievement which exemplify her lifelong commitment to excellence and servitude.  Lauren has two ultimate goals, turning the adversities of her life into opportunities for others and positively impacting as many lives as she can in her lifetime. She is a dynamic speaker who has a wealth of experience in motivating students and audiences of all ages. She truly is a role model for today’s youth and a passionate motivator for all she encounters.  I guarantee that Lauren is the one to invite and inspire your students, members and employees to be successful in every area of their lives. Below are a variety of topics and please visit our website to preview more options!


Lauren Pitts will give a National Tour and will be in your area soon.


Topics to choose from:

·         Empowerment

1.      “Unleash Your Passion”

2.      “The Queen Within”

·         Self Esteem Building

1.      “Declare to Self-Esteem”

2.      “Who Are You”

3.      “Who Do You Love”

·         Overcoming Adversity

1.      “No L.I.M.I.T.S”

2.      “Pain and Them Live There”

3.      “You are Responsible”

·         Communication

1.      “Positive Mental Attitude…Small Change BIG Difference”

2.      “Positive Self  Talk”

3.      “Two Ears…One Mouth”

·         And more…


To reserve your date, call 1-888-826-2077


Rosie Moore, Event Planner

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