27 Miracles gets an opportunity to write for Wesh A List

I wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be able to do this article to appear on your A list

How did 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting get started?

27 Miracles was started as a wedding consulting firm.  The name originated because my husband and I were engaged on December 27. As far as the Miracle part, that part of our name got its name because it truly takes a miracle to stay married these days and that is what our hope is for each and every engaged couple.  Our hope and prayers that when each couple is enraged that as they are planning their small intimate wedding or their large fairytale wedding, that they are also planning their large marriage that will last the rest of their lives.

We have a team of coordinators  that are talented in many aspects. We here at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting feel that the same value that we place on our brides where customer service is what we strive for and excellence in service. The other aspect is that our staff is a team and we work together as a team.  I value my staff as they are the ones that make 27 Miracles who we are today and that is a company that believes in the integrity of our customers and our staff, the accountability of our work, the customer’s concerns and thoughts are addressed, respect for all parties involved, be it our brides, staff and vendors and lastly but certainly not the least, excellence in the service we provide.

Why is Orlando the place to be for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting?

Orlando is the place to be for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting because of the fact that so many couples plan destination weddings to this area.  Then there are those couples that live here and have families that want to come here to Florida and vacation and they will  come out to the wedding and then stay for an extended vacation.  It allows the couples to be more flexible in their selections of places to get married and have a reception.



How does 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting promote it’s spot on the A-List?
27 Miracles promotes its spot on the A List through the wedding consulting category.  Last year I was nominated for one of the best wedding planners and although we did not win, we were very excited to be nominated having only been in business a short while.
WESH 2 / CW18 A-List 2008


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