What is a bridezilla many of you ask? By Rev Paul Davis

After so many of my clients asking me to forgive their stress or their asking too many questions and that they do not want to be a bridezilla, I  wanted to take a moment to really find an article that well defines a bridezilla.  And you know what none of my lovely ladies fit the build!  I have teh best brides and grooms to work with. Thank you ladies and gentleman! So here is the definition of a bridezilla…..

The bridezilla syndrome has seemingly got the best of many brides today. What are the symptoms to look out for when a bride is en route to becoming a bridezilla?

1. She will complain more than give thanks.

This sadly is a symptom of many unhappy people, but it is more visible in a bride-to-be. Brides have to deal with a lot of details when preparing a wedding. If they are not careful they can forget to be thankful for the people helping them in the process.

Even if a bride is doing it all alone, that is no reason to be unthankful. Being overwhelmed is never fun, but being thankful gets more done. Complaining is never gaining.

2. She shouts unnecessarily.

Loud, boisterous, and unruly the bride-to-be who shouts unnecessarily will become a bridezilla quickly. Noise pollution is never pleasant. Shouting causes people to hate and resist helping you. Bridezillas need friends not enemies. Help them get a grip and speak gently.

3. She is all stressed up with nowhere to go.

Stress is the quickest way to deplete your energy. Bride’s who freak out all the time will not only prematurely age and be inwardly miserable, but they will be also branded a bridezilla.

4. She cannot manage her emotions well.

Poor emotional management weighs heavily on a person individually, but it also hinders their relational capacity. Unchecked emotions gone awry will lead to irrational reactions that hurt those we most love. This perpetuates emotional wear and tear, recycling more emotional implosion and outbursts.

5. She is a perfectionist.

A perfectionist cannot be happy with a good effort, neither an excellent performance. She incessantly scrutinizes herself beyond reason, which leads to utter exhaustion. Such a person needs to lighten up and simply live.

6. She is a control freak.

A control freak has to always hover over everyone to make sure everything is done just right. According to her standards, nobody can do anything as she does. This gives her a sense of importance. Her fragile self-esteem and poor self-image necessitates that she degrade others performance so she can exalt her own and continually be needed.

7. She is very demanding.

Demanding people are usually very self-righteous and proud. They are quick to belittle others and boss people around. Such a quality immediately ruins any woman’s ability to elegantly be a lady. Pushy brides qualify for the bridezilla designation for their demanding nature.

8. She is impatient and impetuous.

Impatient and impetuous people easily anger those who would have happily helped them. Because they are easily annoyed and unable to wait for good things, they attract poor service and bad attitudes.

Remember a cake out of the oven half-baked doesn’t taste good, neither does it fully rise. If you want quality people and products, practice patience.

9. She is demeaning and disrespectful.

When you demean and disrespect someone you create an enemy immediately. Even if it is not outwardly obvious, inwardly and subconsciously he who you’ve disrespected will naturally shun you. Brides who bulldoze over everyone en route to getting what they want are sure to experience backlash and blowback in the end. Bridezillas always reap what they sow and the disrespect they endear does eventually show.

10. She worries and cries often.

Worry is interest paid in advance on something you may never own. Ninety percent of all that we worry about never occurs anyhow. Brides who endlessly worry about something going wrong subconsciously program themselves to fulfill their own internal imagery, prophecy, and neurological programming.

Crying is something anyone with a heart does. There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. We should empathize and show compassion when someone is suffering. Crying non-stop however is a reason for concern. When a bride has gone over the edge and stepped off the cliff emotionally, psychological counseling and Pastoral ministry is recommended.

Fear can be overcome. Fear is self-centered. Love is selfless. Perfect love casts out fear. Be rooted and grounded in love, by which you can conquer any fear.

These are some subtle symptoms of a bride being bombarded with the bridezilla syndrome. Family and friends take courage as your bride (or bridezilla) desperately needs you.

Don’t hesitate to gently speak a word of confrontation to deal with your bride’s situation. You can never correct what you refuse to confront. Nevertheless use tact, tenderness, and gentleness. Like everyone, your bride simply seeks love and happiness.

Article by Rev Paul Davis of Orlando

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