Lauren and Gerald New wedding date 6/26/10

Yes…this is actually my approach! Dr. Mike Murdock pastor of one of the ministries I sow into says that what you make happen for others God will make happen for you. When you solve a problem for someone it brings you God’s favor. He always encourages people to seek God’s face in determining what problem God created you to solve. For example this awesome couple I know learned how to save bride and grooms from having disastrous wedding days. Every Bride wants the wedding of her dreams and this couple solved the problem of the wedding being the dream come true instead of the nightmare. As a result, God has blessed them with favor beyond measure, their business is growing by leaps and bounds, they are going to be featured several times in whose wedding is it anyway and oh my God I even heard the are venturing into public relations as the Lord leads them. See how it works? Pretty awesome stuff! My desire is for God’s favor in opening up doors for me and for connecting me with someone who will invest in my life (backing, mentoring, friendship etc.). He has it and I’m trying with all I’m worth to ensure I won’t miss my blessing. The world says, “oh, you just need a big break”…the word of God says, “my breakthrough is here…in Jesus` name”.
Warm Regards,
Lauren D. Pitts

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