Destination Weddings By Brewer and Brewer

Destination weddings are an incredible opportunity to get magazine-worthy
images of your wedding day! This is a once in a life-time event and the
pictures/video are all you will have left afterward. Take it seriously and
expect to invest in this service for a professional.

Brewer Photography & Videography’s tips for Destination Weddings:

1. Hire a serious pro! Don’t expect that a beautiful location will
automatically mean you get great shots. It takes a professional to interpret
lighting, positioning, architecture, storytelling and combine it all with
great equipment and experience to produce stunning images.

2. Take your time! See if your photographer will set aside a few hours for
bridal portraits on the day after the wedding (or if you have a really small
wedding, on the day of the wedding). You can travel the area and hit all the
hot spots. After all, isn’t that why you chose it?

3. Destination weddings are all about the “Experience.” Capture every
emotional moment by having your photography/videography team arrive early
enough to shoot the getting ready process. Hair/Makeup are some of our
favorite shots – energy is high and emotions are, too! Make sure your
professional provides you with a list of tips so you can have all those
little details like your dress, shoes, and jewelry ready.

4. Audio is everything! Beach weddings are windy and many PA systems echo
and distort the voice. Even in the most capable hands video is nothing
without great audio of your ceremony and the emotional greetings of family
and friends who haven’t seen each other in years. Make sure your
videographer uses professional wireless microphones on both the groom and
the officiant (one acts as a back-up).  Without it, even the most scenic of
videos will feel lifeless.

After all is said and done, see if your photographer can submit your images
to magazines or websites. Remember all those great ones you saw while
planning your wedding? That could be you…but not without great
professionals working on your side. Check out the work on our website to see
samples of professional work (pricing and packages also online).

BREWER PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY is an internationally award-winning wedding
boutique focused on creating an unforgettable wedding experience for our
clients.  As a husband and wife team, we work together seamlessly to make
your weding experience flow smoothly.  From engagement session through album
design and the video editing process, Julie and Kevin will guide you through
every step with expert advice so you get the best wedding photos and video


BLOG See images from our most recent weddings!

To discuss your wedding plans, call Julie or Kevin Brewer at 407.383.5746 or

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