Rosie Moore Presented with the Cele Lalli Rising Star Award 2009

This week, Rosie Moore was presented with the honor of receiving the Cele Lalli Rising Star Award, by the Association of Bridal Consultants.  First time a Florida Wedding Planner receives this honor in the Association’s 55 years in business!

The Cele Lalli Rising Star Award honors the memory of the retired editor in chief of Modern Bride Magazine.  Lalli, a long time Associate supporter, died in a tragic car accident in 2002, a few years after her retirement.  She had been editor of the magazine for 32 years. 

Lalli was a keynote speaker at the  Association of Bridal Consultant’s  1995 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, and attended many ABC Conferences and meetings, even after her retirement.  She had many close friends in the Association and was a strong proponent of education and professionalism in the industry.

According to Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary, a “Rising Star” is defined as a person or thing that is growing quickly in popularity or importance in a particular field.

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