Beware of Terrible time Lines by AAWP

AAWP’s Weekly Words of Wedding Wisdom™

Beware! Those Terrible Time-Lines!

Copyright 2009 Deborah McCoy, all rights reserved.

AAWP gets a ton of email from brides-to-be about “time-lines”, those ugly little schedules that are supposed to be the perfect planners for the perfect day. But are they?

In the AAWP professional wedding-planning course, we don’t mention time-lines except to decry them. Here’s why: Most time-lines look like this:

7:15 Awake.
7:30 Shower.
8:30 Bride and party arrive at hair salon…
Etc. Etc. Etc.
1:00 Florist arrives, reception
3:00 DJ arrives, reception…
5:00 Bride arrives, ceremony site
5:30 Bride walks down the aisle
6:00 Ceremony ends
6:10 Photos start

This is enough to make one pull one’s hair out and a bride sure doesn’t need a “bad hair day” on the most important day of her life. So what’s the solution?

If you can’t afford a wedding planner in these tough economic times, then be sure to hire one to do “day of” consulting. This is a consultant who will coordinate your day for you and make sure that everything runs smoothly, coordinating your vendors, making sure they arrive on time… while making sure that you, the bride, is at the church when YOU should be, etc. and the groom, too! LOL

Day-of consulting eliminates stress and not just for the bride but for her mom, too, who should be enjoying the day as much as she is. So throw the time-line away and enjoy your day, knowing that a qualified consultant is handling the details for you. She/he is the one who will tell you when to arrive at the beauty salon and what time to arrive at the ceremony. She/he will also make sure you’re vendors arrive on time… and the limo, too.

In conclusion: Hiring a “day-of” wedding consultant is one of the best decisions you can make and one that will turn your wedding-DAY dreams into reality!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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