Luzia and Eric’s Engagement Pictures/By Brewer and Brewer Photo and Video

Thank you Julie for the  amazing pictures!

“The Scoop”: Cocktail-Hors D’oevres Receptions Courtesy of AAWP

Many brides- and grooms-to-be decide to host “cocktail-hors d’oeuvres receptions” in an attempt to save money. It’s not a bad idea, as long as you break the rules (a little).

1. Most caterers will suggest that seating be limited because guests at cocktail-hors d’oeuvres receptions should be up “mixing and mingling.”

Hogwash! What are guests supposed to do for FOUR hours, juggle food and drink while standing on their feet through all the wedding events-introduction, first-dance, father-daughter dance, etc.etc.etc.?

You want your guests to be dancing and having fun-but where do they put their glasses, plates, etc. when they head for the dance-floor?

BOTTOM LINE: They won’t dance and while they may stand for awhile, they’ll ultimately slip out the side door.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Seat everyone (no matter what your caterer says). Make people happy and comfortable and they won’t exit early.

2. Take note of the caterer’s rule:

If you need a knife and fork to eat food, then you need a place to sit down and eat it! (Another good reason to seat everyone.)

3. Be sure to serve plenty of food. Keep those hors d’oeuvres coming-or guests will leave early to go to Mickey D’s because they’re hungry.

4. Serve a sumptuous wedding cake for dessert-like a carrot cake or a heavy chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Hors d’oeuvres are light fare so a heavy, rich cake will make your guests feel satisfied and happy!

THE DOWNSIDE: When hosting a cocktail-hors d’oeuvres reception, the cocktail-hour is eliminated because it would be redundant. That means that bridal party and family photos, normally taken during the cocktail-hour will need to be taken before the ceremony.

Some Wedding History On George and Martha Washington Courtesy of AAWP

The wedding of Martha Custis to George Washington took place on either January 6, or 17, 1759. The ceremony was conducted at Saint Peter’s Church in New Kent County with an English clergyman, the Reverend Mossum, officiating. It was a formal affair, an elegant, historic wedding for the Colony of Virginia.

The Colonel wore a suit of royal blue, trimmed in silver and lined in red silk with a contrasting white silk vest, embroidered with gold; his breeches (called smallclothes) were velvet, and there were gold buckles on his shoes and on his knees. His sword was encased in white leather and his hair was powdered, in the tradition of the finest London fashion.

His petite bride wore an elegant white, silk-satin gown that cascaded openly over a silver and white petticoat. The dress was adorned by yards of elegant, point-lace ruffles and featured a long train. On her small feet were high-heeled white, silk-satin shoes, studded with flaming diamond buckles. Her hair was powdered and intertwined with ropes of pearls while delicate pearl earrings graced her ears. A matching pearl necklace encircled her throat and pearl bracelets adorned her wrists. She wore an inexpensive engagement ring, as gem-studded rings were not in vogue, that cost her future husband a mere “…two pounds sixteen shillings.”, as he noted in his diary dated, May, 1759.

The bride arrived in a huge, white coach, drawn by six, majestic white horses, surrounded by her brilliantly liveried servants, who clung to its rails. The bridegroom arrived on a spirited stallion that was left to him by General Braddock as he lay on his deathbed after the Battle of Monongahela.

The ceremony was Anglican and was therefore derived from the Book of Common Prayer. Afterward, it was on to the reception, a gala event attended by Virginia’s elite, where there was feasting, joy and merriment. The reception was one “…long remembered for its gaiety and lavish hospitality.”

Wow! What a Wedding!

Preventing Guests from Inviting Guests/Courtesy of AAWP

As wedding planners we get a lot of questions as to how to handle the requests from guests who want to invite guests to a wedding( when it is not their event to invite to in the first place)

 You know the scenario: Invite two people to your wedding and six show up. Some are even so brazen as to put the number of people they’re inviting on the response card, for example:

Number of Guests: __ 6__

AAWP recommends that you never put “Number of Guests” on your response card. In this example, guests simply “check” the appropriate response (no “numbers” allowed):

The favour of a reply is requested by
September fifth


________Accepts _______Regrets

Recently, we got an idea from one of our AAWP consultants-one that will nip this problem in the bud! In the following example, the bride and groom wrote on the response card (third line):

The favour of a reply is requested by
September fifth

Two seats are reserved for


______Accepts ______Regrets

This is a great idea and leaves no doubt in the guest’s mind about who’s invited and who isn’t. With the average cost of a wedding today close to $28,000, it’s time that we took matters into our own hands. A wedding is not a time to let guests invite guests.

Asking for Gifts the Right Way/Cortesy of AAWP

Asking for Gifts the RIGHT Way!. Coirtesy Of AWWP

Today we’d like to talk to you about the right way to ask for gifts. After all, we know it’s impolite to include registry information in an engagement party, shower, or wedding invitations. and what’s worse is to ask for cash!

The reasoning is this: You cannot dictate to your guests the type of gifts you’d like to have. and it’s not up to you to tell them where to purchase them. And to ask for cash is the ultimate faux pas especially when your wedding invitation only asks your guests for “.the honour of their presence.” and that’s not spelled P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S.

So how do you solve the problem? Spread your registry information through the grapevine. Tell your family and bridal party to spread the word. and use the Internet to your advantage. Most couples have wedding websites to provide information to their guests and family members concerning all pre-wedding festivities and parties, etc. Putting your wedding registry information on your website for your guests to access is perfectly appropriate.

When it comes to showers, your hosts can be a little pushier. Maybe you’d like to go to the Caribbean on your honeymoon so your maid of honor throws a Caribbean Honeymoon Shower. When guests call to inquire, the MOH will say, “Sue and Bob really want a Caribbean honeymoon so I thought I’d help them out a bit. Bring a gift they can take with them and if you can’t think of anything, greenbacks will do : -).”

Although the bride and groom may never ask guests for cash, the guests may ask your family and friends and bridal parties what you’d like to have and in this case, it’s OK to tell them.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Maiden Voyage on Penelope Pink Rolls Royce

On August 27, 2009, 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting took a maiden voyage aboard Penelope the pink Rolls Royce, courtesy of Barbara and Simon of VIP Limos.  We rode to the Gaylord Palms for the Perfect Wedding Guide Prom.  It was the smoothest ride.  We recommend it to any of our couples.  They also have a white one, name Rosie, imagine that !

And a few others… well as limos.  Check out their website!

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