Preventing Guests from Inviting Guests/Courtesy of AAWP

As wedding planners we get a lot of questions as to how to handle the requests from guests who want to invite guests to a wedding( when it is not their event to invite to in the first place)

 You know the scenario: Invite two people to your wedding and six show up. Some are even so brazen as to put the number of people they’re inviting on the response card, for example:

Number of Guests: __ 6__

AAWP recommends that you never put “Number of Guests” on your response card. In this example, guests simply “check” the appropriate response (no “numbers” allowed):

The favour of a reply is requested by
September fifth


________Accepts _______Regrets

Recently, we got an idea from one of our AAWP consultants-one that will nip this problem in the bud! In the following example, the bride and groom wrote on the response card (third line):

The favour of a reply is requested by
September fifth

Two seats are reserved for


______Accepts ______Regrets

This is a great idea and leaves no doubt in the guest’s mind about who’s invited and who isn’t. With the average cost of a wedding today close to $28,000, it’s time that we took matters into our own hands. A wedding is not a time to let guests invite guests.

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