When It Comes to Receptions, “LINES” Are Not a Good Thing! Courtesy of AAWP

Receptions are supposed to be fun times. Lots of “Eat, drink and be merry!” But how can guests enjoy the festivities to the fullest if they’re standing in lines for inordinate amounts of time to get a drink at the cocktail hour or during the dinner that follows?

* While buying liquor “by the head” seems like a booze bonanza, how many drinks can 100 people drink if there’s one bartender? The solution? Pay for extra bartenders.

Or what if guests are standing in lines at “stations” to get a bite of food? Or how about this….

Have you ever gone to a wedding that featured a buffet that was so poorly structured that by the time the LAST tables got up and served themselves, the FIRST tables had finished eating? The FIRST tables are ready to party but unfortunately, the LAST tables have just begun to dine so the dancing, etc. is put on hold.

There’s no excuse for this!

* When it comes to stations and buffets, it’s up to you to discuss in detail with your caterer or catering manager about the number of stations and buffet lines you’ll need to keep lines in check–and to maintain the flow of the party.

Moral of the Story: Lines can wreck havoc on a wedding. Don’t let them get the best of your wedding…

(Of course, if you hire a wedding planner, you won’t need to worry about these kinds of details. That’s their job!)

Happy Weddings Everyone!

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