Want to be comfortable all day in your wedding shoes?

Brides want to look beautiful from head to toe in their shoes.  The problem is that by the middle of the night those three-inch heels are no longer comfortable and they end up taking off those uncomfortable shoes that look great in the store, but were never made to last 8 hours of standing, walking and dancing.  Most recently at a Bride’s Against Breast Cancer Gown Sale at the University Club in Orlando, Rosie Moore, Wedding and Event Planner for 27 Miracles had the opportunity to meet Angela Nuran.  Angela Nuran is the designer for Angela Nuran Shoes.  These shoes are designed with the bride in mind.  “They are elegant, classy, sexy and super comfortable.”     When Rosie Moore tried on a pair, she thought to herself that she would try these on for coordinating weddings as she is on her feet over 8 hours and she herself at the end of the night would end up cleaning up after the reception in her bare feet out of tiredness from high heels that were made for looks alone.    The alternative was to wear comfortable shoes that were not elegant or elegant uncomfortable shoes.  Rosie opted with comfort so that she could be comfortable serving her clients.    Once Rosie tried these Angela Nuran shoes on, she was convinced that she was wearing slippers.  The comfort even in the 3 1/2 inch heels was incredible.  So comfortable that now many of the planners in town that have met Angela Nuran, have ordered these shoes. 

See Angela Nuran’s website for a store near you that sells her beautiful shoes which come in white or Ivory for the bride and black as well as any color can be dyed.  See Rosie Moore wearing Angela Nuran shoes in 27 Miracles favorite color, of course, PINK!!!  http://www.angelanuran.com/

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