Angela Nuran Shoes: Closeout 2009 shoes formerly sold in salons for $225

: Closeout 2009 shoes formerly sold in salons for $225
Now available for Purchase from 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting at a discounted rate.
For each shoe that is purchased, a donation will be made to the Brides Against Breast Cancer

Angela Nuran Shoes

Bridal Shop Goes Out of Business Leaving Clients Without Their Gowns

Just recently on the news, it was announced that Savannah Grace a Bridal Shop in the Orlando area went out of business, leaving many brides without their gowns after they were paid for. This is why it is always advisable for brides to hire a good wedding planner who knows what is really going on in the market and can avoid situations like this. I previously had a bride who was going to go shopping here for a gown, until I advised her to shop elsewhere.  I let her know that this shop was having issues for several years as they went into financial problems and changed their name and I see the pattern continued under a new name.  Read the article below……..