Bridal Shop Goes Out of Business Leaving Clients Without Their Gowns

Just recently on the news, it was announced that Savannah Grace a Bridal Shop in the Orlando area went out of business, leaving many brides without their gowns after they were paid for. This is why it is always advisable for brides to hire a good wedding planner who knows what is really going on in the market and can avoid situations like this. I previously had a bride who was going to go shopping here for a gown, until I advised her to shop elsewhere.  I let her know that this shop was having issues for several years as they went into financial problems and changed their name and I see the pattern continued under a new name.  Read the article below……..

One thought on “Bridal Shop Goes Out of Business Leaving Clients Without Their Gowns

  1. Here is the article:
    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Several local brides are feeling the wedding blues. The women want their wedding gowns. The only problem is the Savannah Grace bridal shop near Waterford Lakes has gone out of business.

    Brie Kaplan said she paid 60 percent on her dream gown — close to $800.

    “I’m beyond upset. This is not on my wedding checklist, let me put it that way,” Kaplan told WESH 2 News.

    Another woman told WESH 2 she went to pick up eight bridesmaid gowns that were completely paid for, but never got the goods she was promised.

    Sherry Baker is the owner of Savannah Grace. She also owns a bakery called Glacie Cakes.

    WESH 2’s Michelle Meredith tried to pay Baker a visit, but the bakery was closed Monday.

    Baker’s relatives told WESH 2 News that her business was a victim of the economy. The relative who WESH 2 spoke to argued Baker did not continue to take the brides’ money.

    “Generally it is not a crime to go out of business,” Orange County consumer fraud investigator Melissa Allums told WESH 2 News.

    Allums suggests consumers use credit cards when making a purchase that will be delivered in the future so that you have time to dispute the charge.
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