When Choosing First Dance Songs, Choose What is Meaningful to You

Now a days there are so many choices of songs that brides and grooms have to choose from. When my clients do not have a particular song in mind and they are having difficulty finding that all too important song, I sit down with them and take them on a memory journey and send them off.  You are probably wondering, send them off where? I ask the couple to think back from the moment that they met, every date they went on, every place that they spent time together, songs from the dating years.  I ask them at that point to go out to the park or their favorite place to walk around where they can forget about everyone around them and allow the music that is in their mind and hearts to flow through.  By the time the next day comes, or even sometimes that same day, I am receiving a call or text with the perfect song.

      I love to bring out the romance in our couples and sometimes it is a matter of bringing them back to their dating roots where the romance started.  Okay, so I imagine that by now my readers are figuring out I am a romantic at heart!

Here is a link to a song that I listened to this morning that touched my heart….


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