27 Miracles goes to the Estate House at Cypress Grove/A blog by Chad at Pilster Photography!


27 Miracles Wedding Consulting is a wedding planning company who has been there for me from the beginning. The moment that I brought my photography to the wedding market Rosie was one of the few to actually respond to me when I reached out to meet wedding planners. Rosie and Marcus are also two of the most caring people out there, and are always looking out for others.

This shoot materialized when they felt it was time to redo their website and mix their image up a little bit. The Estate House at Cypress Grove materialized as a place they felt reflected their company. It is a little bit different and a little bit classic.

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting logo has been the white dove, so we thought it would be great to use real doves to symbolize that. Donald Brumfield of Orlando White Dove Release was great to work with. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with doves before, so this was a great experience. Don was extremely knowledgeable, so it really helped.

One important lesson I learned is to always ask for more than you need, because once they fly away you are not going to have another chance. This means that even though I made some great shots, one shot I imagined just did not happen. That is why there is always a next time.

Rosie and Marcus.

Trying to get some ambience of the garden at the Estate House

The girls show their stuff!

Another interesting tidbit about their company is that they distribute shoes for Angela Nuran. They are cute for your wedding day and comfortable. You can find them in a few of the shots above too. If you are interested in them, just give Rosie and Marcus a call.

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