Brides: Here is why you should not hire your uncle or friend to take your pictures

Brides these days are smart, interested in doing everything themselves with the help of Martha Stewart and self help magazines.  There is so much out there these days for those brides willing to invest time and research in to doing things themselves.  27 Miracles supports the DIY( Do It Yourself ) Bride, if you visit our DIY service section on our website, you can see how we can help you do just that But one of the things that the planners at 27 Miracles do not recommend is NOT hiring your own professional photographer.  Read the article attached here and you will understand why.

Here are some websites of some recommended professional photographers, if you are planning a wedding soon, look into calling one of these photographers,

Brewer and Brewer Photo     

KBJ Photography 

Pilster Photography 

Finally no matter what your budget is always do allow for your photographer to be a part of that budget! Look at some of the example pictures posted and visit the above photographers websites, you will see the quality of work from real photographers that work with the every day  bride.  So if you think that you cannot afford to hire a photographer, read the story about Uncle Bob.  If you need assistance managing your wedding budget, give us a call at 407-905-5454 and we will work with you to obtain the wedding of your dreams!

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