Celebrating Matthew a Miracle of Life…..

One of the services offered here at 27 Miracles is that of a coordinated event celebrating your baby’s dedication or christening.  This involves the church doing the baby dedication or christening unless it is being done at another location.  Afterwards there is a luncheon or dinner reception where friends and family gather for a special journey to celebrate the life of that special baby. Most recently we had the privilege to do one for Baby Matthew. Baby Matthew was born at 27 weeks and lived in the NICU for 6 months.  His story was told to all by the use of pictures, story narration, songs, singers , speakers involved in the child’s life.  This all recorded on video for memories of the child. It is a way to recount the days of the baby’s life and the miracle that child is.

 Everyone Meet Matthew, a miracle of God…….

Mathew has been a miracle child from the beginning and God’s thumbprint has been all over his life.  Gerry and Micca witnessed the birth of their son. Their friends and family provided much needed support to help them get through one of the most difficult things any couple can ever go through.  Micca and Gerry wanted to celebrate this miracle with you by sharing their story, celebrating Mathew’s life and God’s faithfulness to them.

Let’s rejoice with Micca and Gerry as they have their little Miracle from God Baby Matthew in their arms:

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