Angela Nuran Shoes and Brides Against Breast Cancer

You are probably asking yourself what does Shoe designer Angela Nuran have to do with Brides Against Breast Cancer?

27 Miracles was given the opportunity to sell Angela Nuran’s 2009 closeout Eternity Shoes. These shoes were formerly sold in salons for $225 and they are now available for purchase from 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting at a discounted rate. For each shoe that is purchased, a donation will be made to the Brides Against Breast Cancer

What a wonderful way to contribute to a good cause while enjoying comfortable shoes on the most important day of your life. Whether it is your wedding day or your wedding vow renewal or your Quinceanera or Sweet 16, you will love the way you feel in these shoes and you will also love the fact that part of the money spent is going towards the Brides Against Breast Cancer.

They come in Ivory or white/but in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are bringing them to you in color.  Pink!!

Pink ShoesPink Shoes

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