Spotlight on a Vendor/Christine MacPhail Harpist

Have you ever gone somewhere and you hear  soothing music but you are not quite sure what it is? Have you ever  watched a wedding in a movie and you see someone on a beach and in tha background you see this angelic vision of a harpist playing in the far background music that carries in the wind of the ocean breeze.  Well then you have heard the harp!!   Not too many people know the sounds of a harp.  A harp is a romantic instrument that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Today’s spotlight is on Christine MacPhail, she is a local harpist in Orlando.

Christine is well-known for her beautiful music.  She takes the time to listen to what her clients like and has even taken time to learn new music whenever she has the opportunity just for a client! That is dedication….There is nothing that Christine can’t play, she plays classical, Spanish, rock, Contemporary, the list is endless.  Take a look at her website she has a good number of songs that you can hear. 

Listen to this….

See Her Fan Page on Facebook!/video/video.php?v=1203391052204

I will say this for Christine, she made my little baby a cd of harp music to fall asleep to nightly and we interchanged it for a lullaby cd every once in awhile.  The last week we had the lullabies and we went back to playing the harp music and my baby’s first reaction , he looked at me and laughed and snuggled right up to mommy.  So if you are having an event and you need string music for a classical moment, call on Christine MacPhail. 

Visit her website:

Christine played at a wedding most recently and to her surprise the bride and groom had cocktail napkins made with her logo…

Thank you Christine for making our clients happy through your beautiful music.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on a Vendor/Christine MacPhail Harpist

  1. Rosie, thank you so much for the lovely blog post!! I am really touched by your kind words. It has been my pleasure to work with 27 Miracles for many occasions and it is always a wonderful event! It makes such a difference when vendors work well together because it becomes a smooth occasion for the clients, whether they are corporate executives or a bride & groom.

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