Congratulations You Are Engaged!!!

Are you ready to be a wife?    Discover some of the secrets to being a wife and what is necessary as you are about to enter into a new chapter in your life, beyond the I Do, beyond the Maggie Sotero, the Demetrios and the Maggie Sotero gowns…..Look at these excerpts from the book Ready to be a Wife….  You can purchase through 27 Miracles at a discounted rate or when you hire 27 Miracles as your planner, the book is yours free…

With this book you will discover:

  • What a man is looking for in a wife
  • How to know if a man loves you and if he’s is ready for marriage
  • What marriage really has in store for you
  • And so much more.


Do you want to get married, God’s way? Lord, I’m Ready to Be a Wife will show you how to avoid common dating pitfalls and recognize a potential husband when you meet him. Funny, real, and relevant, this book will encourage you while you’re waiting, and help you prepare to be the woman he’s always wanted to marry. The stories of Ruth and Esther will show you what it takes to get a man to “put a ring on it” and still maintain your love for the Lord. Today could be the day you meet the man you’ve been praying to meet.


Preface: Preparing to Be a Wife
Introduction: How This Book Will Help You Become a Wife
Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to Get Married?
Chapter 2: Women Are Born, Wives Are Formed
Chapter 3: Wife-itudes
Chapter 4: The Marrying Kind of Man
Chapter 5: Waiting and Dating
Chapter 6: Commitment and Engagement
Chapter 7: Being a Married Woman

The Story of the Preemie Purple Heart

Some articles are worth reposting to read about…Read about Preemie Purple Hearts as we come to an end of preemie awareness month. It never truly is the end, just the dedication is the end for this year. But for those that have a preemie, no matter what age they are now, they experienced it all. So if you know a mo…m or dad of a preemie today, give them a just because hug, they lived through many challenges to get to this day when their little one is home.    Read this story found online at The site is called Preemie purple Heart…The story below talks about what it is…

Each Preemie Purple Heart keepsake is made of Czech glass and sterling silver. Hearts are packaged in individual keepsake boxes and, a copy of the Preemie Purple Hearts story, as well as any special message that you may want to include.

The story of the Preemie Purple Heart:

One day a child was born, too early, too small but loved as much as any child could be. As the parents of this child entered this journey they found themselves feeling alone. They had the joys of being new parents but the fear of losing their child, the thrill of giving birth, the grief of a lost dream. This was supposed to be a joyous time, not a time filled with grief, anger and pain. Little did these parents know they were not alone.

The Preemie Purple Heart is born of an idea borrowed from the US army, a medal given for being wounded in battle. What bigger battle is there than the battle for life and the wounds of premature birth live on with the infant and family forever. The color was once reserved for royalty, making it special and it is gender neutral. The heart is not a solid color and the strips in each heart are a little different, just as every child and every journey is a little different, but the basic design is the same just like the basic experience is the same. The heart is made of glass it is strong but not so strong it could withstand a crushing blow. The premature child is strong but not invincible. It is a heart because the heart is our center, it’s every beat renews life and hope, it symbolizes love. At the bottom of the Preemie Purple Heart is a teardrop, it is symbolic of the tears shed during the journey of a premature family, good and bad, joy and sorrow.

The Preemie Purple Heart is an outward sign of unity among a special group of people. A group that knows no country, language, economic, ethnic or religious bounds. A group with one common goal: hope for the future of premature children. This group includes not only parents and child but also siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nurses, doctors, clergy and friends. This group shares a bond beyond words, a bond only the heart knows. The Heart can be with you when you feel alone, remind you there are hundreds of others who keep you in their hearts. It can give you a chance to share your story.

Author: Renea Ericson

Wedding event raises funds for breast cancer/Orlando Sentinel Nov 20 2010

The 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting Company  will host a holiday event Dec. 2, with puppet shows and photos with Santa Claus. Proceeds will go to Brides Against Breast Cancer, which helps grant wishes for those battling the disease. The event, 6 to 9 p.m. at 100 W. Plant St., honors those who have lost battles to breast cancer, including Adriana Yanez of Deltona, who died in February, said wedding planner and friend Rosie Moore. Admission is an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. —Eloísa Ruano González

What if My Venue Has A Wedding Coordinator? Do I need a Planner?

If the reception venue has a wedding coordinator, do I still need to hire a wedding planner?

If your venue offers the services of an in-house coordinator for your day and you are trying to decide if you need an outside wedding planner, there is a difference between the two.  Listed below are some of the things that a wedding planner can help with that a venue in-house coordinator cannot help with:

  • Attending vendor meetings with you and asking the right questions
  • Reviewing all your vendor contracts for errors or potential problems
  • Helping you combine all the ideas that you have to create the wedding of your dreams
  • Creating extensive time lines for you
  • Staying in touch with your vendors and making final confirmations
  • Having back-up reputable vendors to contact in case of a problem
  • Assisting you with invitations and stationary etiquette
  • Providing you with custom planning resources
  • And more…

There are many venue in-house coordinators who do a great job managing the venue. However, it is not their job to assist you with all the details that go along with planning your wedding. If in doubt, just ask the in-house coordinator what services they will be providing for you.

Can My Family Help Me?

There are many questions that 27 Miracles get on a daily basis, one of the more popular questions is:  “What if my Family and friends have offered to help on the wedding day, do I still need a wedding planner?”

A wedding professional will provide you with the highest quality of service that you deserve. Even though family members have good intentions, they do not have the experience of a wedding professional. Your family and friends deserve to enjoy the day as much as you do and not spend it working. Also a wedding professional will not be delayed by family and friends that they have not seen in a very long time when they want to talk and catch up.   Your wedding planner is there to keep the day running smoothly and on track.

Kangaroo Care

 Kangaroo Care is the  most important thing that a mom and dad can offer their premature baby.  It is skin to skin holding your baby.  According to, ” Kangaroo Care has been studied in depth since 1983 when neonatologists Edgar Rey and Hector Martinez first implemented it in Bogota, Columbia.  Kangaroo Care consists of placing a diaper clad premature baby in an upright position on a parent’s bare chest – tummy to tummy, in between the breasts.  The baby’s head is turned so that the ear is above the parent’s heart.  Due to lack of power and reliable equipment, Kangaroo Care was found to be an inexpensive and very beneficial experience to babies in Bogota.  The mortality rate fell from 70 % to 30 %.”

  It has been proven first hand that a baby’s blood pressure, breathing pattern and heart rate improved with kangaroo care.  All NICU’s encourage a parent to practice Kangaroo care.  It not only helps the baby, but it also helps the mother and father of the baby create a special bond that will help them cope with the stress of having a premature baby away from home.


Today is National Prematurity Awareness Day!!!

The March of Dimes Reports the following: 

“The March of Dimes graded states by comparing each state’s rate of premature birth to the nation’s 2010 objective of 7.6 percent. Preterm birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the United States. We don’t yet understand all the factors that contribute to premature birth. The nation must continue to make progress on research to identify causes and prevention strategies, and on interventions and quality improvement initiatives to improve outcomes.”
 Florida received a grade of F. 13.8% compared to the nation’s 7.6%.  The federal and local governments are researching all causes of prematurity and what they can do to help.


Baby Casey…The Tiniest of Miracles…

Casey was born at 25 weeks by emergency c section after mom’s water broke.  Baby Casey was 1 lb 8.6 ounces. even as tiny as he was, Baby Casey tried to make noise and breathe on his own.   He was immediately taken to the NICU and placed on a ventilator.  Within 48 hours he was on a nasal cannula, which is a miracle for such a tiny one.  As the days in the NICU passed he developed some infections and had to be reintubated.  But thankfully overcame those challenges as well. 91 days later,  Casey came home.

The doctors had thought that Baby Casey had hearing loss on the right side, at 10 months old they discovered that he could hear perfectly fine.

Baby Casey continues to grow and surprise the doctors with his progress. He is now 33 months old and thriving as little boys should.

Casey’s parents believe that God hand picks the people he will lead on the path to take care of the tiniest neonates and early deliveries.  They possess a profound talent tempered with love and emotional support and for that Casey’s parents  will always be grateful

Baby Kaleb, The Miracle of Life..

Baby Kaleb was not to be here according to the doctors because there was not any possible way his parents could have a baby.  He was conceived.  Mom developed life threatening high blood pressure and yet the baby was surviving.  A reverse blood flow from mom to baby started to occur, this caused an emergency c section.

Baby Kaleb was born 10/13/09, 27 weeks and 3 days, 1 lb and 10 oz, 12 inches long.  He was taken to the NICU immediately where he lived for 5 months.  Believe it or not that is a size 1 preemie diaper and it was still too big for him. During those difficult times Kaleb’s parents held on to a song that gave them strength to believe that Kaleb  would be home.  Click on the link below to hear the song…


On March 24, 2010, he came home to his family weighing in at 10.5 lbs. He took his first car ride to where he belonged, at his new home with his loving parents;leaving behind the wonderful NICU family that took care of him from the moment he was born. While he was in the NICU his parents would always play a song on their I phone that soothed him….to this day the baby recognizes this song.  Click on the link below to hear it..

He is now a healthy baby boy with minimal complications to his lungs, but vibrant with life weighing 16.5 lbs and defeating medical science.  His doctors were amazed. But he is one of the examples of the Miracles of Life! Today 11/13/10 he is 1 year and one month chronological age and 10 months corrected age. 

Baby Anastasia, Miss Feisty…with reason..

Baby Anastasia was born at 28 weeks 6 days and was 1 lb 14 oz. She spent 7 1/2 weeks in the NICU and  2 1/2 weeks in a transitional hospital. She had problems with her lungs at birth.

Anastasia was able to come home for Christmas on Dec 15 2009.  A true Christmas gift!!

She still has problems with her lungs but never lets it stop her. She always has a smile on her face. She is now 13 months old and 10 months  corrected and 18 1/2 lbs. They called her feisty in the NICU and she still is.