Baby Matthew a Miracle of God

Baby Mathew was delivered at 5pm on the 24th of September, 2009 he weighed  2 lbs 2oz. He was only 27 weeks.  The doctors stated that Matthew would not survive.  Six months later Baby Matthew came home. Life’s tiniest miracles are the ones that make you stop and think about everything around you.  Stop and enjoy those walks in the park with your children. 

This song will always remind Baby Matthew’s parents of the the Miracle of God…

Here is Baby Matthew now 20 lbs. 11 months corrected age and 1 year and 2 months old.  When man says no, God’s Miracle Hand steps in and says Yes!!

4 thoughts on “Baby Matthew a Miracle of God

  1. It was a very long journey for Matthew but he never gave up . Matthew did not want to take no for an answer the Drs and nurses, said that Matthew was strong eventhough he looked weak. Matthew had the strength of a tiger and that is why now I call him my “litte tiger”. Je T’aime tres fort mon ange …Ta maman Michaele Aldophe

  2. Wow this story brought tears to my eyes. what a wonderful story..I believe that Matthew will be something big someday and I cant wait to see him becoming the Man that God wants him to be. My Sister Michaele is a woman of Faith I wish I could have half of her faith. I remember she spent many days and nights in the hospital and refused to give up on Matthew. She would not take no for an answer . Matthew you are blessed to have a Mother like Michaele and she is blessed to have you as well. Now I know that when Drs. say no God will step in and say yes!. I love you Matthew…..Auntie Alex.

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