Created For You My Fans….

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow !!!

I am convinced that I was created to do a lot in life one of them is singing. This page was created for you, my fans, so you can enjoy my music…..Love you all.

Grab a Mic, hit the first note, look into the eyes of your audience and see people are pleased  to listen to your music it’s such a good feeling. Knowing that your music can be  therapy for people and even change their lives makes you want to go  the extra mile. Singing is  what I have been doing since I was 11 years old. As a young girl I enjoyed singing in my church choir, Eglise Baptiste de Bolosse.  I also had the privilege to  learn how to play the guitar by my wonderful Uncle. Thank you  very much uncle Jean Baptiste. 

As a firm believer of Jesus Christ my music is tainted of spirituality. I also sing love songs and special songs that can change people’s lives.  I am currently a professional  singer  for 27 Miracles Wedding and Event Planning.  They are based in the Metro Orlando area with offices in California as well.  They travel throughout the country wherever their services are requested.  See our website

 My dream and Goal now is to have a CD out there so my fans can enjoy my music every day in the  near future.


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