Baby Casey…The Tiniest of Miracles…

Casey was born at 25 weeks by emergency c section after mom’s water broke.  Baby Casey was 1 lb 8.6 ounces. even as tiny as he was, Baby Casey tried to make noise and breathe on his own.   He was immediately taken to the NICU and placed on a ventilator.  Within 48 hours he was on a nasal cannula, which is a miracle for such a tiny one.  As the days in the NICU passed he developed some infections and had to be reintubated.  But thankfully overcame those challenges as well. 91 days later,  Casey came home.

The doctors had thought that Baby Casey had hearing loss on the right side, at 10 months old they discovered that he could hear perfectly fine.

Baby Casey continues to grow and surprise the doctors with his progress. He is now 33 months old and thriving as little boys should.

Casey’s parents believe that God hand picks the people he will lead on the path to take care of the tiniest neonates and early deliveries.  They possess a profound talent tempered with love and emotional support and for that Casey’s parents  will always be grateful


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