Congratulations You Are Engaged!!!

Are you ready to be a wife?    Discover some of the secrets to being a wife and what is necessary as you are about to enter into a new chapter in your life, beyond the I Do, beyond the Maggie Sotero, the Demetrios and the Maggie Sotero gowns…..Look at these excerpts from the book Ready to be a Wife….  You can purchase through 27 Miracles at a discounted rate or when you hire 27 Miracles as your planner, the book is yours free…

With this book you will discover:

  • What a man is looking for in a wife
  • How to know if a man loves you and if he’s is ready for marriage
  • What marriage really has in store for you
  • And so much more.


Do you want to get married, God’s way? Lord, I’m Ready to Be a Wife will show you how to avoid common dating pitfalls and recognize a potential husband when you meet him. Funny, real, and relevant, this book will encourage you while you’re waiting, and help you prepare to be the woman he’s always wanted to marry. The stories of Ruth and Esther will show you what it takes to get a man to “put a ring on it” and still maintain your love for the Lord. Today could be the day you meet the man you’ve been praying to meet.


Preface: Preparing to Be a Wife
Introduction: How This Book Will Help You Become a Wife
Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to Get Married?
Chapter 2: Women Are Born, Wives Are Formed
Chapter 3: Wife-itudes
Chapter 4: The Marrying Kind of Man
Chapter 5: Waiting and Dating
Chapter 6: Commitment and Engagement
Chapter 7: Being a Married Woman

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