27 Miracles and Volunteers are Making a Difference This Holiday Season

As we start the busy holiday season we sometimes get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking, cooking, and decorating and holiday parties.  But we forget to stop and take a moment to enjoy our loved ones.  Let this season 2010 be the one where we don’t save all our love for Christmas Day but we give it all year round and believe in Christmas Miracles.

This was sung at the 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza by Laura Knowles and Christopher Gaitan both Music Majors at Rollins College of Music in honor of the Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club..



Selena and Alberto Hoyos Gave Their Christmas away from life Dance International:

Studio K Dancers Yessenia Myers and Mike Schroeder Gave Their Christmas Away:

Every vendor that worked this evening donated their service to this event, there is no doubt that they gave their Christmas away to someone who needed it, but there is one vendor that gave his Christmas Away and quietly slipped out of sight that evening before the Formal Thank you’s were given on this night.  he has the biggest heart in my book.  He took on the catering of this event for 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza and made sure that each child present had a hot meal in their tummies.  That is not a small task to do.  His staff attended to the vendors that came out to work that night from 1pm in the afternoon in his own private dining room before the start of the event and then made sure that all the guests were butler served for their appetizers and deserts.  He made sure that we had enough hot cocoa and cider for the chilly night ahead.

His name is Michael Scorsone of Winter Garden Pizza Catering Company.


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