27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza Huge Success for Charity!!

Well who would have thought that after a week of beautiful 80 degree weather that on a night like December 2, 2010 the temperature would drop to the 40’s on the night of 27 Miracles Christmas Extravaganza?? Well it did!! But that did not stop fellow vendors in the wedding and event planning industry or brides and grooms from attending the event.  What was so important about this event?  Well, during this time everyone is busy preparing for Christmas, shopping, baking, parties , etc…that we forget to  take a moment to remember those that do not have what we have.

You see, December 2, 2010 27 Miracles wanted everyone to Not Save All their Love for Christmas Day.  Instead 27 Miracles wanted everyone to share their love every day, starting with their own families, but then with the US Marines, with a Toys for Tots donation and the Brides Against Breast Cancer.  One might ask, why talk about Breast Cancer during this  happy time of year, Christmas, well here is why:

 There was a mom that was born on Christmas Day 44 years ago, who has a 3 year old boy who will be going through his first Christmas without his mom.  

But then there is another woman who was at the extravaganza and she fought the disease and has reason to celebrate!  

We do not know what life has in store for us, but we know that we should appreciate our family and friends because today they may be here and tomorrow they may not be.  Let’s not wait for an illness of this sort to bring us closer to our family, instead develop that relationship from the start.

On December 2, 2010, 27 Miracles with the help of her fellow vendors, collected 4 boxes full of toys and filled up the van of the Marines that came to the event.

And that is the real reason for Christmas……giving of the heart…..