Valentine’s Day is Feb 14th/Guys Are you Ready?

Valentine’s Day is known all over the world as one of the most romantic holidays of the year.  Every year you see guys and girls alike trying to come up with creative gifts for their special someone to make them feel special on this wonderful holiday.  Some of the greatest Valentine gifts of all time is always, chocolate, flowers, dinner, and a girls favorite jewelry.  One of the things we in the wedding industry see a lot of is the Valentine’s Day Proposal.  Many times guys want to be creative and surprise their significant other.  We here at 27 Miracles have many proposal ideas to surprise that significant other, we can even arrange to have the moment captured on video or photo.  Just give 27 Miracles  a call today, to schedule your consultation for a Valentine’s Day Proposal to fit your  style and budget!

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting


Photos Courtesy of KBJ Photography

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