Funny Thing Happened at Sharon and Mike’s E-Session

We at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting and Event Planning and Decor, work with many photographers that will suit a couples needs.  Most recently Bruce Johnson of  KBJ Photography ,  was photographing one of our couples Sharon and Mike. 
Sharon is the cousin of one of my former clients and chose to work with 27 Miracles after seeing her cousin Michelle’s succesful wedding.  Sharon and Mike are both talented musicians at their church.  Sharon is in the worship ministry and sings.  Mike is the drum player for the church.  We often teased them about playing and singing at the wedding, but this is a day for them to relax and let someone else take care of the singing and playing.
Now when Bruce of KBJ emailed me after the photo shoot letting me know that the engagement session went well, I said okay, that is great.  But as I read further, I could not help but laugh at what I was about to read in the next few lines.  It was like a story in the movies right in the quaint little town of Celebration Florida where Mike and Sharon were originally engaged.  Read Bruce’s story about Sharon and Mike’s engagement session….
“The engagement shoot went great.  But,  something funny/weird happened though.  As we were shooting a little to the east of the fountain, a lady had her poodle off its leash on the sidewalk.  For some reason the poodle went down by the water and I didn’t pay much attention thinking it was just going to get a drink.  All of a sudden, the poodle jumps in and started trying to swim.  Poodles have little feet and legs and are not made for swimming.  The lady went crazy for her special dog.  I thought the dog was going to start swimming its way back and for some reason, it started swimming out deeper and started gasping for air and bobbing under every now and then. 
 The dog is now about 20 feet from shore.  By now the woman is freaking out and is getting ready to go in for her special friend.  I quickly handed my camera, phone, battery pack to Mike and Sharon and I went in after the dog.  I waded in up to my belly button deep wearing dress blue jeans, new white tennis shoes and a Tommy Bahama shirt. I made my way out deep enough and reached out and grabbed the dog because I had seen a 2-3 foot gator down by the fountain a few minutes earlier.  I grabbed the dog just as it was going under and then made my way back to shore.  I handed the dog to the lady and she was very appreciative and kept saying I was a hero. 
As I walked back up the shore to the sidewalk dripping wet, Mike and Sharon said they did not know that this was part of the shoot.  I smiled and said, neither did I.  As I stood there dripping wet, I then realized my wallet was still in my back pocket as well as my car keys with the remote.  I just smiled and told Mike and Sharon, lets keep going.  We continued with the photo shoot and had a great time.  By the time we made our way around the lake, I had finished dripping and had started to dry out.
That was the most interesting photo shoot I have ever had.   “
The funny thing is that Bruce is a firefighter/Paramedic for the Osceola Fire dept and I am sure that in his years of service he has rescued a dog or cat or two.  So rest assured on the day of the wedding, although we at 27 Miracles carry our “wedding emergency kit” Bruce has his own “wedding emergency kit” with him.  There will be no passing out of anyone or the smelling salts come out!!!!

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