An Informal Table Set up/Let’s go to Morocco

As a newlywed or newly engaged couple, you are bound to have some entertaining to do.  We have many brides and brides- to- be ask me how to set up a formal dining table and an informal dining table.  They get so nervous when their moms or their mother in law is coming over.  Relax ladies and gents too, because first of all gone is the old style that the woman is the only one in the kitchen.  If you think that, you shall have to check out the Newlywed Guru, she offers couples cooking classes.  This gives couples the opportunity to bond and do some cooking together in the kitchen, that may lead to some cooking elsewhere! I will leave that to your own imagination 🙂

But getting back to the table.  Setting an informal table for 2 or 4 or 6 or however many you want to entertain is simple.  First of all, remember it is your dinner event.  have fun with it.  It does not have to be so formal that  you do not enjoy the guests and the meal.  Most recently the Newlywed Guru invited me to be on her show and help her talk a little bit about the setting up of an informal dinner table.  She decided that she loved the Moroccan culture and decided that she would set up a table using their typical style.  It was fun, creative and full of color.

Watch the video below, this will give you some tips on setting up an informal table.  Also check out the Newlywed Guru’s website you will find information on here on finances, going from single to couple to getting married and so much more…..there are new updates coming all the time… Here is the site….

For the video click here:

And if you want to shop for some beautiful trendy Moroccan pieces to add to your home, visit this shop :

Enjoy your dinner.  Great one for Valentine’s Day if you want something exotic and fun with lots of reds and oranges for your decor.

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