About 27 Miracles

Every bride has dreamed of her wedding day and how to make it uniquely her own.  27 Miracles is well-known to turning those dreams into a reality.  The process of planning wedding is very overwhelming, when you have emails, phone calls from multiple vendors all wanting t show your work, to the amount of magazines, websites and TV shows out there.  The media all have the brides wanting to establish the “Do it Yourself Bride Mentality.”  This explains the confusion that can arise not to mention the stress of planning a wedding.

This is why we at 27 Miracles believe that every bride deserves to have a calm but exciting wedding planning experience, vs the chaotic stressful wedding planning experience that involves reading all the websites, all the tv shows all the advice of family and friends while at the same time trying to work and pull together a wedding.  With all of that stress it is enough to make you elope!

When contracting 27 Miracles you will not only receive the wedding planning services that will bring a calming effect to the entire process, but a day that you will remember for a lifetime and your guests will talk about for years to come.  27 Miracles has been planning events that showcase the individual style of each client.  Clients can contract 27 Miracles to handle their wedding or event as their personal Bridal Concierge or as their wedding and event designer, or combine the two services for the best of both worlds.

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