How to Select the Wedding Gown That Best Fits Your Body

  If there is one thing that you want on your wedding day, it is a wedding dress that you can wear vs the dress wearing you.  Too many times you hear at weddings oh, should she have worn that dress, it is too tight, too big, too loose, white, ivory, whatever the critique is by a guest.  They should be there to celebrate your special day, is what you are thinking, right? We at 27 Miracles agree.  However there is something else that we believe and that is that every aspect of your wedding should be something that they will remember forever.   Most people attend 10 weddings in a lifetime is what they say.  Why not make yours the one that they will remember as the nicest one, the one that had great entertainment when everyone was dancing, nice decorations of florals and most of all how beautiful the bride looked.

Having said that, when we take our brides shopping, there is one thing that we will say no matter what store we are in, we will NOT lie to you about a dress.  We will tell you if a dress fits your body [properly and will point out the things that we see.  You might say, but what about my likes and tastes?  We take all of that in consideration as you carefully select gowns.  What looks good on the rack, is not necessarily what will look good with your particular body type.  Sometimes what does not like something that would fit your  body type, is the one that makes you glow.  we have had that happen many times.

How do you know you found the dress that is perfect?  When you get that glow( we take pictures of you so you can see yourself), when you have the dress and you twirl and sit in it and don’t want to take it off.  That is the one!!  You and I will both know it!!  The girls at the stores are very helpful, but at times quite busy with other clients, that they are not taking in to details the details that we are looking for, the time of the day, the venue, the time of year, your budget and your personality as well.  By the time we go shopping we have spent time with you to know how personality and what will make that dress be you.

So here are the tips, find your body style and refer to that when shopping.  If you are with your family, keep in mind that they are caught up in th emotion of the wedding as well and may not always be the objective person that may say, “that dress accentuates your bottom too much, that dress makes you look flat chested or that dress makes you lose your curves.”  Always seek professional help and never shop in a rush.  The most important thing, if you cannot picture yourself in the dress at your venue and lie in bed awake at night thinking about it and what your fiance will think when he sees you in it, that is not the dress!!!

Read the following article below from Favor Ideas for all the tips:

The Full-Figured Bride

If you’re a full-figured woman, the best  style is an A-line style. A-line style lengthens the whole body without drawing attention to your waistline. The empire waist is another good choice. The empire is narrowest just below the bust, which conceals your waist and hips.

Many plus-sized girls tend to purchase wedding gowns that cover a lot of skin. If religion isn’t an issue, don’t be afraid to show some skin. Skin is sexy, and showing your arms and neckline can often make you appear slimmer.

Deep V-necks and scoop necks flatter curvy figures, and always look best on full-figured women.

The Petite Bride

A-line wedding dresses are also flattering on petite women. As we stated earlier, this style lengthens the body. Sheaths seem to shorten a small body even more, so petite women should avoid sheath-style wedding dresses. Also steer clear of very full skirts, which will make you look ‘bottom heavy.’ You want to keep your wedding dress proportionate to your body.

Be careful with strapless gowns — a petite woman may have to lift her arms to reach up to her new husband (can you say ‘wardrobe malfunction’?). A cap sleeve gives the feeling of a strapless gown, and also serves the practical purpose of holding the gown in place.

The Large-Busted Bride

Off-the-shoulder gowns look wonderful on a full bust. It draws our attention upward, emphasizes the shoulders and minimizes the chest. Keep your skirt narrow. Wearing a full skirt will make you look large both on top and bottom.

The Bottom-Heavy Bride

Women who are larger through their hips and buttocks should look for a wedding dress that focuses on their upper body — preferably with a full skirt.

Show off your arms, back and bustline.

A corset-style bodice with lacing will highlight your upper body. We want to draw attention away from your hips. Avoid pleats or gathered fabric around the waist. An A-line skirted wedding dress always works the best for this body type.

Click on the link below for pictures of teh different styles for differnt body types:

Happy shopping!!!

One thought on “How to Select the Wedding Gown That Best Fits Your Body

  1. "How to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Dress" by Ronald Rothstein, et al, basically deals with the the selection of a wedding dress. The authors went into details of what dresses are suitable for what body types and they touched on factors such as the silhouettes, sleeves or no sleeves, trains, the back, necklines and bodies. They also provided information on accessories such as veils, shoes, lingerie, and gloves which are quite helpful to the bride-to-be. In addition, the authors also gave advice on where to get the wedding dresses, and how to take care and preserve the them.I think this is a useful book to have for those (including me) who have no idea of how to select the right wedding dress. The authors provided basic to very detailed information that I think would be good to have before actually selecting a dress. At the very least, I learn some useful terminologies that will help me when I actually want to talk to the wedding consultant.

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