Shopping for a Wedding Gown

The big day is here, the day that you can go shopping for your wedding dress!!! You have the ring and now it’s shop for that dress!!!!  That is typically what will happen.  Many of our brides have asked me to give advice on how to shop for a wedding gown.  At 27 Miracles when our clients hire us to handle their wedding from start to finish and be their bridal concierge that is a service that is included the shopping of for that perfect gown.

Over the years 27 Miracles has developed the ability to study a bride’s body shape and go shopping at the store to find that perfect dress that will flatter the bride.  Here are a few tips on shopping for the wedding dress:

1. Wait to purchase your wedding gown , until after you have selected the following: the venue for your ceremony and reception, the time of day that you will be married and the time of year that you will be married.

2. Select a gown that you will wear.  What does that mean?  Simply put, the wedding dress  should not wear you, you, the bride should wear the wedding dress.  When you walk in to the room, people should turn around and say , ” wow she wears that dress well.”

When we take our girls shopping, we guarantee two things, they will find the dress that they love and that they will wear, it will be appropriate for their wedding venue, wedding day and time of year, age, skin coloration and budget.

Stay tuned for your specific body type and what type of dress to shop for in my next blog……

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