The Excitement of The Royal Wedding Building Up!!

Happy April 1st 2011!!! Known to many as April Fool’s Day!! But today known as answer the questions on the Royal Wedding Day!!!

It seems that the closer to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton gets closer the phones ring more with brides asking about planning a Royal Wedding. But not everyone has the Royal Wedding Budget that the Prince and his family have!  The couples are turning to the wedding consultants to help them plan that magical day.  Disney weddings I am sure come to mind with the carriages and Disney Chapel. 

What we at 27 Miracles have been telling our brides is the following:  Is this what you always dreamed of having a Royal Wedding?  Or is it more caught up in the media of a Royal Wedding? What would make them happy if they never heard of the Royal Wedding?  Budget is also a big factor, what amount of money is the couple looking to spend to have their dream wedding without going into debt and credit cards?

A Royal Wedding is whatever you make it out to be, it should be about the likes of the bride and groom to make it uniquely their own,

Another question we get asked a lot is about the Tea Parties for Bridal Showers or luncheon teas. The girls want to wear the big hats with their Sunday Sundress and be pampered at a tea party.  Every little girl has had a tea party at some point with the dolls and bears in her room as her honored guests.  So to have one before her wedding is a beautiful thing as well.  We at 27 Miracles can also create a tea party prior to the wedding.  The key thing is always the  location of where the the party is to take place.  The location should call for a tea party vs a place that calls for more of  an evening cocktail party place.

So a few wedding planning tips: If a Royal Wedding it is what you would like, contact 27 Miracles today to start your planning , starting with a location that would lend itself appropriate to a Royal Wedding.  But truth be said we at 27 Miracles are here to make your wedding day everything you dreamed of  regardless if it is a Royal Wedding or not, we want it to be uniquely your own.  Let’s create an experience that  you and your guests will never forget, not just another event!

Here is a wedding at The Famous Goring Hotel, where it is said to be that the Prince and Kate will celebrate their wedding reception

And of course the ceremony at the Famous Westminster Abby

The Royal Wedding will be taking place at 11am London time, which is 6am EST here in the Eastern Coast.  Wow, early rise that morning with our tea or coffee for some of us!!

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