Who is Planning The Royal Wedding?

Many People ask who is planning the Royal Wedding?  It is Lady Elizabeth Anson,who has planned events for the royal family in the past.   

She is the Queen’s cousin and Wedding and Event Planner for both British and  Hollywood Royalty. 

Her website is: http://www.party-planners.co.uk/wealthle.asp

Now many of you are saying wow, I can’t afford to hire a wedding planner for my wedding, I am not a Hollywood celebrity or royalty.  That is where I tend to agree and say, you are correct! You may not be a Hollywood Celeb or Royalty.  Now the part I disagree with you on is that you can’t afford to NOT hire a wedding planner.  Why?

Do not hire a wedding planner if you want to be stressed on your wedding day,  be in 2-3 places at the same time, decorate your location because the florist did not do the decor to your satisfaction, if you want to  call the dj to give him last minute songs because he never got the email fo the songs you sent him 2 months ago and now you have been so busy that you never checked your email to see he sent you three emails asking you for the songs, spend more money on things that you normally would not know could be interchanegd for other things and if you do not want more bang for the buck!

You might say, no really is it that bad to plan my own wedding?  No, actually it is a lot of fun when you do not have to stress about the smaller details.  Wedding planners carry emergency bags with things that may be needed and forgotten at the ceremony/reception.  The wedding planner is there to ensure that the entire day flows smoothly. 

Here is a testimonial of a wedding coordinated bt 27 Miracles and what they had to say:

Feel free to give us a call and we will schedule a visit for you to come in!

Happy Friday!


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