Ann from a Chair Affair

Ever wonder at times why people donate their service or time to an event or a person?  Sometimes we get so busy in our every day life and forget to slow down so that we can appreciate those we love the most around us and those we work with every day.  A few months ago 27 Miracles had an event called Christmas Extravaganza in downtown Winter Garden.  The event went to support Brides Against Breast Cancer, US Marines Toys for Tots and the Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club.  Many vendors donated some of the door prizes that were won on that day.  These door prizes were raffled off with the proceeds of the raffle tickets going towards the Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Ann from  a Chair Affair  was one of those people who donated 50 chairs a 450.00 dollar value so that someone can win them for their event. Bride Sharon won these chairs and most recently used them for her Couples shower! What a great gift to both of these ladies.  Sharon because she donated money to the Brides Against Breast Cancer by purchasing a raffle ticket and Ann for donating the chairs so that another person can benefit from them while helping out a good cause.

What some people may not know about Ann is, that she had a double mastectomy.  When she had  the surgery she unfortunately got staph infection in her right breast in the process.  She found herself in quite a battle beside just the cancer.  It took about five months of removing the dead tissue before  she could finally heal and be off the antibiotics.  Ann considers herself a true survivor in every way – She never questioned why she  had breast cancer, she also considered herself an ordinary woman.  Ann expressed that over the next couple of years after the initial surgery, she  hated the fear in her daughter’s eyes when she would have to go in for another biopsy, which fortunately were all okay.  Ann states that you  secretly look back over your shoulder, wondering what’s next, and always hope for the best!  But as Ann states, “you’re always a survivor willing to help the next survivor in any way!”

Ann Taylor


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