Check out Some of 27 Miracles New Services

To all our subscribers of our blog and website, if you have not been to our website recently, take a tour.  We have updated a lot of our pages with new services to help you have a succesful event.  Whether you are planning that fairytale Quinceanero, Wedding of Your Dreams, Corporate Event or After Party, or simply looking to that Honeymoon Vacation, we have something for everyone.

I could sit here and list all that we provide but I think by the time I am done I am out of room.  So the best option is to sit back and relax and read the services that we offer, take a tour of our current blogs and past blogs.  You will be amazed at the wealth of information that can be found here to help you in the planning of your event.

Scroll through the top headers of our web page and mouse over each one, you will find drop down boxes of many of our services for your convenience.  Some of our newer services include, DJ packages with up lighting, Floral Packages, Creative Design of your  event, Nanny Services for your out-of-town guests and so much more.

Call us today 407-905-5454  for your free initial consultation about our services!!

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