Ever Wonder What The Cost of a Wedding Planner Is?

We at 27 Miracles get calls daily and emails about wanting to hire our services.  We get asked a lot about pricing for different levels of services.  We can meet the majority of our clients’ financial needs but then there are others that we just cannot fit their budget and what we tell them is that is okay.  There is a planner to fit everyone’s needs.  What we explain to the client is simply, by all means obtain a wedding planner even if it is for the day of, assure yourself that they are backed by the Association fo Bridal Consultants( ABC) not that other planners are not good if they do not belong to this Association, but belonging here is like a Dr that is board certified in his specialty.  ABC members are required to maintain certain codes of ethics as well as to keep up with their skills and knowledge through continuing education courses.

Most recently I found this article that talks about what a wedding planner chargers and some of the levels of service that planners offer.


Enjoy the article…and remember Be a Guest at Your Wedding! Hire a Wedding Planner….whether day of or full service planning, have one there…

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