Aloha…..27 Miracles is Bringing Hawaii to Florida!!!

For the past few months 27 Miracles  along with Stacy Hessburg of Bella Collina  have been planning out this wonderful event to bring Hawaii to Bella Collina!  The date is finally here May 27th!!  With a team of photographers’ Bruce Johnson of KBJ photography, Iwona  of Iwona Photography, Videographer Bruce Reynolds of Treasured Moments Videography, Entertainment by Aloha Productions  and Creative Design by the the Master Mind of creation, our very own Chad Everett of Galaxy Productions  we will be bringing you a Hawaiian Luau!!!

Call today for a preview of events at Bella Collina 407.469.4941

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It’s Time to Shop for the Dress…Kleinfeld’s Here I Come!

Thursday, May 5th 2011, Kleinfeld Manhattan: Dress shopping

Today I went to Kleinfeld with one of my bridesmaids, Dee Dee. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be easy to find anything in my price range there since they have all designer dresses. My dress consultant advised me that since my wedding is only 3 months away I was only able to get a sample gown that was mine to take home the same day. Oh boy… I was really worried that now my options would be really limited. I showed her my pictures of what kind of dress I was looking for and she found two dresses for me to try on.

She put me in this cute corsette and gave me an underskirt to make my dress more “poofy”, and there I was holding my eyes closed while she strapped me into my first dress. It was very “pretty” had a nice setup in the chest area, was strapless and emphasized my curves nicely. I came out of the room and Dee Dee and I were excited, but it wasn’t quite it yet. So here came the second dress. Easier to put on with a zipper and it had straps, it was very “sparkly”, but wasn’t quite loving it yet. Now I was worried. I saw cameras following a girl in this really pretty, silky A-line gown and I was worried that maybe I had picked the wrong style. Anxiously I was waiting for the consultant to find another dress for me to try on and as she brought the next dress in, it looked like it may be just like the other two, but she said that this dress was very similar to one of the ones I had on my paper.

Beautiful… strapless, sweetheart, a little bling (in the right light), accentuates my waist and is big on the bottom with lace and a little bit of bling on the bottom. This was it. It didn’t quite hit me right away. I stepped out of the room, walked a little bit and it turned out to be a perfect dress for a fairytale wedding. Dee Dee and I were still able to hold our composure until they took us to the big mirror in the center of the store. Then it got harder to hold the tears. They added a bouquet… eyes started watering for both of us, they added this gorgeous tiara (Swarovski “princess” so you can imagine the sparkles)… Dee Dee was done now (tears were shed), then the veil and a view of my profile… love it. The perfect dress!

Then before we left the spot, came the question: “Are you saying yes to the dress?”  That was it I was done. Lol It was the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to put on my dress again and walk down the aisle.

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The Proposal….

Jessie and Tony were engaged on Wednesday, April 07, 2010, it was recorded by a friend who knew this was going to happen….

Here is the story of how it happened:  The Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary in Puerto Rico…
…there we were, in the chapel that Tony’s Grandmother got married in, to pray for blessing and strength during our deployment. After we got done praying Anthony read a poem to me that he wrote for me while he was in California for training. Tears have shed and the question popped… a loud “klonk” as the ring box fell to the ground and a “yes I do” out of my mouth. Very romantic, beautiful, cheesy and memorable proposal on a beautiful and sunny day in Puerto Rico 🙂

Cinderella Meets her Prince…

Jessie, 27 Miracles Planner will be having her own wedding bells ringing soon…..Here is her story about how she met her Prince and Knight in Shining Armour!

Well… the first words out of everyone when they see us is “awww, you guys are sooo cute”. It is kind of funny, but I guess it is a compliment. We are truly dorks. We love video games, building Gundam model kits, dressing up, we’re very Hooah, we are into WWE and rock. We make funny faces and can have fun wherever we are and what we do. We chose Disney, because it symbolizes that we are unique and serious about our feelings and our relationship.

Here is the story of how we met:

Well… we have been in the same unit since I moved to New York, but we have never actually talked to each other… and then one day at our Christmas Party at Russo’s on the Bay in a beautiful ballroom, he asked if he could dance with me and that’s when the spark happened. I didn’t realize how fairytale-like it was until the actual Disney Cinderella asked me if we also met at a ball just like her… and then instead of Cinderella running off and the prince looking for her, he took off to take care of the raffle and I was looking for him. And instead of a glass slipper, he forgot his phone and after asking everyone who’s phone it was I got to him and it sure enough turned out to be his. Then we found out we only live 2 miles from each other and became friends and eventually realized that we belong together…

Jessie Finally Home From Iraq!!!

27 Miracles very own Jessie Crittenden is getting married!  Jessie came to us  from Brooklyn, NY.  She studied to be a professional Bridal Consultant and was on her way to moving to Florida and got deployed to go to Iraq so her start with 27 Miracles got delayed.  But Jessie kept in touch whenever she could.  She  has now completed her Military Service and will be ready to join us in Florida in a few short weeks. But Jessie has been very busy planning her own wedding, yes a Disney Fairytale Wedding.  27 Miracles will be helping her on some of the coordination and Rev Marcus Moore will officiate on the big day! But for the big day, 27 Miracles staff will be taking a backseat and actually enjoy sitting back to watch this fairytale love story take place through the eyes of the Disney Fairytale Weddings….

What a Fun Day To Ride Your Bike!!

Now what do you think about going to Universal’s City Walk to Ride Your Bike and Downtown Disney?  That is how Desiree and Nguyen Vu spent a Sunday afternoon with our very creative photographer friends Chad and James of Pilster Photography

Desiree and Nguyen Vu are both into cycling and physical activity, so incorporating it into their e-session seems like the best idea ever!

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A Review from Bride Michelle Gonzalez

“Rosie and 27Miracles was the best thing that could ever have happened for creating the perfect wedding day. She was courteous, professional and kept us under budget. Thank you, Rosie, for making our day more than we ever imagined!”
Service Category: Wedding Coordinator
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity