Cake, Cake and More Cake/Royal Wedding Cake

One of the most exciting visits that our brides and grooms love is the day that we visit the bakery to select their wedding cake. It is so much fun to taste different kinds of cake and see the bakery artists draw out the imagination of the bride and groom.  One of the  bakers that we work with is Party Flavors located in Ocoee, Florida. Visit their website for more information 

Watch this video and it will explain how it is all done. This bakery makes cake tatsing all too fun!

Now take a look at the Royal Wedding Cake.  Have you ever seen a cake this big? It was an eight-tiered cake decorated with 900 sugar-paste flowers .

Team work: Fiona Cairns (back) instructs her Royal Wedding cake team during the finishing touches at Buckingham Palace

Hard work: The project has left cake-maker Fiona Cairns exhausted but elated after working for five weeks on the project

But Look at the Groom’s Cake!!

Whether you are having a cake fit for a King and Queen or Prince and his Princess, enjoy the moment of shopping for the cake!  It is something that you will enjoy, I mean let’s face it you can sit and try 10 plus different flavors in one sitting.  All you need is the cup of tea or coffee with it!!!

Happy Cake Shopping!

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