Cinderella Meets her Prince…

Jessie, 27 Miracles Planner will be having her own wedding bells ringing soon…..Here is her story about how she met her Prince and Knight in Shining Armour!

Well… the first words out of everyone when they see us is “awww, you guys are sooo cute”. It is kind of funny, but I guess it is a compliment. We are truly dorks. We love video games, building Gundam model kits, dressing up, we’re very Hooah, we are into WWE and rock. We make funny faces and can have fun wherever we are and what we do. We chose Disney, because it symbolizes that we are unique and serious about our feelings and our relationship.

Here is the story of how we met:

Well… we have been in the same unit since I moved to New York, but we have never actually talked to each other… and then one day at our Christmas Party at Russo’s on the Bay in a beautiful ballroom, he asked if he could dance with me and that’s when the spark happened. I didn’t realize how fairytale-like it was until the actual Disney Cinderella asked me if we also met at a ball just like her… and then instead of Cinderella running off and the prince looking for her, he took off to take care of the raffle and I was looking for him. And instead of a glass slipper, he forgot his phone and after asking everyone who’s phone it was I got to him and it sure enough turned out to be his. Then we found out we only live 2 miles from each other and became friends and eventually realized that we belong together…

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