Jessie Finally Home From Iraq!!!

27 Miracles very own Jessie Crittenden is getting married!  Jessie came to us  from Brooklyn, NY.  She studied to be a professional Bridal Consultant and was on her way to moving to Florida and got deployed to go to Iraq so her start with 27 Miracles got delayed.  But Jessie kept in touch whenever she could.  She  has now completed her Military Service and will be ready to join us in Florida in a few short weeks. But Jessie has been very busy planning her own wedding, yes a Disney Fairytale Wedding.  27 Miracles will be helping her on some of the coordination and Rev Marcus Moore will officiate on the big day! But for the big day, 27 Miracles staff will be taking a backseat and actually enjoy sitting back to watch this fairytale love story take place through the eyes of the Disney Fairytale Weddings….

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