The Comfort of Angela Nuran Shoes

Don’t take my word for the comfort, take the brides words on that.  27 Miracles coordinated a wedding for bride Sharon in May and you would be in shock if you knew how long she had her shoes on?  From 9am when she started at the hairdresser until she went to her room that night at the Waldorf Astoria around 10pm. So a total of 13 hours, a bride would not tolerate such shoes if they were not made for dancing and the bride who is on her feet all day.


27 Miracles

See how you can help Brides Against Breast Cancer when you buy your shoes through 27 Miracles

Look at the pictures and you can see for yourself !!

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The Classic Romantic Wedding of Sharon and Mike

27 Miracles had the priviledge of coordinating the  romantic wedding of Sharon and Mike.  Sharon and Mike were married on May 14 2011 at the Metro Church.  This was indeed a romantic wedding from start to finish.  Starting with the love letters that the two of them wrote to each other.  It was great to see both of them read the letters  while they were each getting ready.  To the special vows written by each of them at the ceremony as well as the special prayer blessings that both sets of parents wrote for each of them.  They said their vows to the sound of  loud booming thunder, lightning and terrential rain, but that did not stop the happy couple from saying , “I do.”  They left the ceremony dancing away, literally to “Can’t Hurry Love.”


Kessinger (813)

They had their wedding reception at Tuscawilla Country Club arriving in their beautiful white stretch limo courtesy of VIP Limo. They arrived dancing to the a special love song written by one of their close friends and that was their first dance.  The night went by so fast but not before dancing to the tunes of James Polk of Polk Bros DJ service. The night came to an end with the bride and groom changing in to their getaway outfits for a final dance as they rushed to the start of their Honeymoon night at the Waldorf Astoria while their guests gave them a beautiful bubble exit….

And so begins the new life of Sharon and Mike …..Congratulations to you both!!!

Many thanks to all that made their day “more than they imagined” as was quoted by the mother of the bride…Bruce Johnson of KBJ Photography, RJ Glamour and Innovation for their decor and floral arrangements, Party Flavors for the amazing wedding and Groom’s Cake, James Polk of Polk Bros DJ Service, VIP Limo, the staff at Metro Church, Linda and Ron’s staff at Tuscawilla Country Club and the staff of 27 Miracles that without the team I could not make it happen!!!

Hawaiian Luau At Bella Collina

Bruce Reynolds of Treasured Moments Videography did not want anyone to miss the live action fun that the members of the Bella  Collina had at the Hawaiian Luau on May 27th 2011. Here in Bruce’s own words he says:

“Beautiful evening for a Luau, then Central Florida’s rain came but Stacy and the Staff of Bella Collina handled it with no problem. Rosie of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting  and her team handing out flower Leis, Bruce & Kelsey of KBJ Photography capturing all the members pictures, Creative Design by Chad Everett of Galaxy Productions setting up Palnm trees, Tikki Beds and decor,Iwona of Iwona Photography, Bruce of Treasured Moments Video Productions filmed the whole night for everyone. Great Hawaiian show put on by Aloha Productions with Stacy and Rosie doing some fancy Hula dancing.”

Hmm how did Stacy Hessburg of Bella Collina and Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles  get involved in this fancy Hula dancing?  Well what was most important is that the guests all had a great time!!!

Aloha to all ……… and once again Mahalo( Thank you) to everyone that helped put together this beautiful Luau!!!

Let’s Go to a Hawaiian Luau……

Most recently the Beautiful Property of Bella Collina wanted to have a Hawaiian Luau for their select members.  27 Miracles along with the help of partner Chad Everett of Galaxy Productions went to work to bring Hawaii to Bella Collina.  There was everything from Pineapples, Hawaiian Rice and of course a Pig Roast!!  The entertainers of Aloha Productions kept the guests dancing, tapping and clapping to the island music.  I wonder if they were doing the rain dance?? It rained almost all night but the staff at Bella Collina along with the staff of 27 Miracles made sure that rain did not affect anything as they quickly moved the outdoors inside for our Hawaiian Luau.

Bella (100)

27 Miracles wants to send a special thank you to Ben Boorom and Chad Everett of Galaxy Productions for their wonderful decor of bringing Hawaii to Bella Collina, Stacy Hessburg of Bella Collina for allowing 27 Miracles to coordinate this event, Bruce Johnson of KBJ Photography , Bruce Reynolds of Treasured Moments Videography and Iwona Bednarczyl of Iwona Photography for all their hard work in making this event a success.

Stella and Tom’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Stella and Tom on their engagement. Stella and Tom will be married in just a few short months so stay tuned for this very exciting military wedding.  Their e-session was taken at Winter Park’s Beautiful Casa Feliz by Sivan Photography

 Tom is a Retired Army Staff Sargeant and loves motorcycles.  Do you think he can get Stella an ICU nurse on the bike…vroom, vroom, vroom… let’s find out …………    as we listen to their favorite song…

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Lunch and Learn at the Citrus Club for Engaged Couples

Thursday, June 23rd
11:30am – Arrival
12:00 – 1:00pm – Lunch & Presentation
$15++ per Member, $20++ per Guest
Hosted by Rosie Moore, Professional Bridal Consultant with 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting and Michele Talley, The Newlywed Guru

Learn all about what to do now that you are engaged, guest photographer, videographer, DJ, officiant, Wedding planners, beauty makeover for your wedding day and wedding gowns. Great way to see  the Citrus Club overlooking the downtown Orlando Skyline on the 18th floor!!

Call 407-843-1080 for reservations!


Citrus Club, OrlandoCitrus Club, OrlandoCitrus Club, OrlandoCitrus Club, Orlando

Customer Service/Who are Your Customers?

As a wedding and Event Planner many times I get told by my brides and clients about bad experiences that they have had with XYZ vendor.  It is Terrible as we get the low down on the industry and we as a professional have to be able to speak positively and professionally about those we call our peers.  The old phrase that your mom taught you, always comes to mind, “if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say it at all.”  Sometimes as planners we are forced to say just that “nothing.”

I am not here to point a finger and tell vendors how to do their jobs, but purely educational to help us all in the wedding and event industry.  If you are the client and you go to the store and purchase a tv and it works only 75% of the time, you will not be happy with it.  You will want to bring it back and get your money back.  Well on service that is a little bit of a gray area, we all have non refundable deposits or booking fees as we take the date off the calendar so that the client has you for their event.  That is great!  But please do remember that after you receive that client, they may not come back for repeat business, unless you are a photographer and they would like to do another event or family pictures, but their friends and family may.  This is an example of your external customer.

Here is another scenario for you;  you refer a client to a vendor and the vendor never sends you a thank you or never sends you the things that you need as a planner to do your job efficiently or market their work and yours efficiently.  This is an example of your internal customer.

We educate a lot of the students that come out of the event management schools and novices that come to us through the Association of Bridal Consultants and one of the things that 27 Miracles is very very big on it is Customer Service.  We let these students know about their internal and external customer.  Your internal customer is your receptionist that answers the phone for you, your business manager, your other planners that you work with, your vendors that refer to you and your vendors that you refer to as well.  Having said that, we explain and teach them that they have to treat them better than they treat themselves( yes that is correct) you would never ignore yourself or be so difficult with yourself to not get along, right?  This is the same for internal customers.  We are so focused on the bride the client until they sign on and then we forget about them and pick them back up the day of the event or when a payment is due, but what about the waiting in between.  I know we are all busy but let’s take a moment to say to our internal customers that we work with frequently and bring you business( and even those that don’t but make your life easier when you work together) what can I do to make this event run smoother for you?  Or what can I do for you today to help grow your business? 

As for our external customers the clients, the brides and their families, I realize that we don’t see them often once they sign on, but a friendly email to say hi how are the plans for the wedding going, do you need anything, or sharing your newsletters with them is a nice way to say we appreciate your business and we are here if you need to ask us any questions.

So having said all of that, what can 27 Miracles do to help you today?

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Jessie Says Love A Man in Uniform…Jessie and Tony’s E-Session!

You have to know Jessie and Tony to know that they are no ordinary couple.  They love to have fun and really enjoy life!!What better way to have fun than during a short e-session on the base before they left!! Now they are both here celebrating and waiting the day that they say, “I Do.” Jessie and Tony were both stationed in Iraq.  They are both here in the states now, we are grateful for their safe return!!

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Spotlight on a Vendor Villas of Grand Cypress


In times of need it is nice to know that the people in the industry will step up to the plate and help out our brides.  We asked Allison Yates of The Villas of Grand Cypress if this is something that we can share with our readers and her reply, “absolutely.”   It is a good thing that we have these options available and I am sure other venues will also reach out to help the brides in the community.


See what Grand Cypress had to say about the Highland Manor situation:


 At this point we have all received the devastating news about Highland Manor. As a wedding industry
we have all dealt with this before and are excellent about rallying together for the goodness of our brides.

We currently here at The Villas of Grand Cypress have many 2011 wedding dates still available and would be
more than happy to host these events. We will honor the packages given from Highland Manor and try to
make their wedding day as special as possible.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you here at The Villas of Grand Cypress ! ! !