Spotlight on a Vendor Villas of Grand Cypress


In times of need it is nice to know that the people in the industry will step up to the plate and help out our brides.  We asked Allison Yates of The Villas of Grand Cypress if this is something that we can share with our readers and her reply, “absolutely.”   It is a good thing that we have these options available and I am sure other venues will also reach out to help the brides in the community.


See what Grand Cypress had to say about the Highland Manor situation:


 At this point we have all received the devastating news about Highland Manor. As a wedding industry
we have all dealt with this before and are excellent about rallying together for the goodness of our brides.

We currently here at The Villas of Grand Cypress have many 2011 wedding dates still available and would be
more than happy to host these events. We will honor the packages given from Highland Manor and try to
make their wedding day as special as possible.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you here at The Villas of Grand Cypress ! ! !

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