Congratulations to our Bride Alecia as She Receives her MD

27  Miracles is very proud of Alecia Blake as she receives her second degree in Medicine as an MD.  We are proud of you Alecia.

Enjoy the testimony followed by her pictures:

People often ask me if my experience as a cancer patient influenced my decision to become a physician. The truth is that I have wanted to be a physician since childhood, long before I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at age 17.  My parents noticed my love of science at an early age and wanted to nurture it.  They purchased a science kit for me and I spent hours looking at specimens under the microscope.  I realized that a career in medicine was the perfect way to combine my love of science and my desire to be of service to humanity.

After college, my dream of becoming a physician took an important step when I was accepted to Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM).  I was overjoyed to matriculate at MSM because I believed in the school’s mission to serve the poor and underserved.  When it finally came time to choose a specialty, I had a hard time choosing one. I had done well on all of my clinical rotations, but I just didn’t feel that I had found the right specialty for me.  I remember talking about this with an intern and he suggested that I look into the field of anesthesiology.  I took his advice and I found the art of anesthesiology fascinating.  Again, my goal was realized when I was accepted to the anesthesia residency program at Duke University Hospital.  But, first I had to complete an internship at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan.

Half way through my transitional year internship at Hurley, my cancer returned.  I underwent chemotherapy and managed to finish the program.  I was very excited to get started at Duke.  Unfortunately, the stresses of residency so soon after receiving chemotherapy resulted a case of pneumonia that interrupted my residency training.  After recovering at home for four months, I accepted a position as Allied Health Director and Medical Assisting Instructor at Miller-Motte Technical College in Raleigh.  I then moved on to another teaching opportunity at the Medical Careers Institute at ECPI College of Technology, in Raleigh, were I remained for three years.

Teaching turned out to be an important and rewarding experience, but after having a bone marrow transplant to treat the third recurrence of my cancer in December 2008, I desired to return to residency to complete my medical training.  I chose to enter the Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency Program at MSM because it allowed me the opportunity to: 1) serve the underserved, 2) have an impact on healthcare by reducing healthcare disparities, 3) earn my Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Health Promotion/ Health Education, and 4) to focus on cancer prevention and control as the American Cancer Society fellow in the program.

As the end of my residency training draws near, I am making the transition to pursue a career in academic medicine. Specifically, I envision a career in cancer prevention and control in which my time spent primarily developing a program of research that translates what is known about the prevention of various cancer sites to communities disproportionately affected by cancer and its co-morbid conditions.  The nexus in the effort to reduce disparities and promote health equity can be found in evidence based approaches central to the effective practice of preventive medicine.  I am also interested in training medical and public health students interested in careers in cancer control and prevention.  Ultimately I intend to either direct a lab or be part of a lab that is actively engaged in translational research, training and community engagement.

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Congratulations to Alecia and Pablo

27 Miracles wants to wish Alecia and Pablo all the best on their upcoming wedding 9/5/11.  A year-long of planning has flown by. Alecia and Pablo wanted to share their story of how they met.

We were neighbors…

One Thursday night in late April 2010, I was returning from a date. There weren’t any parking spaces close to my unit.  So I parked my car in front of the adjacent building.  Pablo and his roommates were having a party that was spilling out into the parking lot, with music blasting.  Surprised that there was so much commotion on a Thursday night, I walked over to the crowd and asked why I hadn’t been invited.  Out of nowhere, Pablo appeared.  He apologized for the loud music and invited me in.  I politely declined to enter the apartment with three strange men, although I thought he was cute.  After exchanging pleasantries, I proceeded to my apartment to turn in for the night.  A week later, we met up again in the parking lot as I was returning from the hair salon.  I said hello, and asked him to tell me his name again.  He asked me what kind of hair weave I was wearing and complemented my style ( see the pic of my homemade wig that I was wearing that day).  I asked him how he knew about hair weaves (being that he is a caucasian/hispanic male).  He informed me that he became familiar with weaves in his dealings with previous girlfriends over the years.  This made me feel that I had a chance with him.  I invited him in to finish the conversation.  I cooked shrimp & grits for him the next night with a Caesar salad ….  and he never left.  I later named that recipe “Dr. Blake’s get-your-man shrimp & grits” when I realized that the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is really true.   Three months later he proposed in the car as we were heading home from a long night.

And the rest is history…

This is a most interesting story….Congratulations and stay tuned for more on this happy couple…

27 Miracles Writes about Bridezillas

A short time ago I  was reading some articles about Bridezillas after one of her own brides apologized for calling and emailing me about every detail.  She was under the impression that she was a Bridezilla.  I explained to this very lovely bride that she was NOT a Bridezilla by any stretch of the name.  I found this article and referenced it because it was so correctly stated what a Bridezilla was.

But today I had the opportunity as I flipped through channels to watch two episodes fo Bridezilla( something that I NEVER do) why you ask?  because I truly believe that the brides are made to act that way to create the drama that is needed to be on these tv reality shows.  Most people do not act this way and should be ashamed if they do.  No matter who your wedding planner is whether one from 27 Miracles or one from another company, having a wedding planner brings the calming effect to the event.  When there is a wedding planner coordinating the day of or planning the  entire event, things that can go wrong, are taken care of before there is a chance for it to go wrong.

The reason I watched this episode was because it was in our home town offices of Windermere FL and Winter Garden, FL.  With locations and people well-known to the industry.  I am attaching a copy here of the link to the episode and the article that was written in the paper.

Comments?  None other than saying, grown adults entering into a sacred thing called marriage should not be exploited on TV by exhibiting behavior to constitute them as “female dog brides.”  Having said that my only other opinion is ” if you have a wedding planner with you on the day of your wedding and helping you plan from day one, you will not be under the stress that is caused by a vendor not showing up or asking for 800.00 dollars to pay a vendor the night before the wedding or having paid your linens so late that now the vendor will not accept any form of payment accept cash.

On that note…Happy Planning of your wedding, it really is a fun experience….



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Life in The NICU, The story of Kaleb

When the doctor first tells you that you are expecting your first child, many people never expect to deliver their child three months early.  They expect to deliver at the 9 month mark.  I know that I never expected to have that happen to me.  We have been asked by many to share our story as it serves for encouragement to many that have gone through a situation similar to this.

Here is the story of Kaleb, along with his video testimony that Miracles still do happen! 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting and Event Planning has started coordinating baby dedications with live testimonies and stories for the families of the affected parents as a way to share in the joy when that baby finally comes home.  It gives other parents hope  and an increase in their faith that miracles still do happen if you just believe…

The Story of Kaleb, a Miracle of Life

Chapter 1: Before Kaleb was born

The dream of having a baby came true for Rosie and Marcus when on May 8th the test came back positive.  Although we were looking to have a baby we were surprised at the results!

The first three months of pregnancy were filled with the typical, mom not feeling well with morning sickness.  June came around and Rosie finished out the dance year dancing on pointe and tapping as well, and wondering if she would still fit in those costumes as she blossomed out.

During the 4th month we sure had some busy times, we did a 2 day out of town wedding, traveled to Mexico for a destination wedding site visit and then finally relaxed at the beach on vacation.

Our 5th month came along with many surprises.  During a routine sonogram, we were told that the baby was a boy, hard to tell because at the time the baby was always moving around so it was hard to tell for sure. During this time Rosie developed high blood pressure and was immediately sent to the hospital, but managed to get discharged on the same day that the Prom for Perfect Wedding Guide was going on.  Rosie was not missing Penelope’s maiden voyage. (A pink Rolls Royce owned by VIP Limo)

Our 6th month was a rocky month with trying to control Rosie’s blood pressure and this caused yet another hospital stay. The doctors were concerned that Kaleb would be delivered at 23 weeks, but the blood pressure stabilized and she was able to go home, just in time for Rosie to graduate with her bachelor’s in Nursing.  Throughout this month so many doctors saw Rosie all in the hopes of keeping the baby safe.

The 7th Month starts 26 weeks, the specialist admits Rosie to the hospital for complications with the umbilical cord and the blood flow not going to the baby. Rosie also had dangerously high blood pressure to stroke level 220/120. The doctors feared for the safety of Rosie and the baby so an admission was necessary.  While in the hospital the specialist came to discuss what would be happening and they indicated that Kaleb may very well be born early.  Rosie and Marcus prayed to the Lord at that moment and asked the Lord, “How could this be?”  On October 8th we had a near miss when the staff rushed Rosie to the surgical suite for a crash c-section because they could not find the baby’s heart rate.  It’s just like something you would see on the TV show “ER” Except this was for Real!  Once in the surgical suite, the doctor quickly found the baby’s heart rate, so they took Rosie back to her room.

Then on an unsuspecting Tuesday morning of October 13, 2009, at 4:30am Rosie was awakened to her worst fears, the baby’s heart  rate dropped, it is time for an emergency C section.  Kaleb was born minutes after that at 4:54am on October 13, 2009.  He weighed a mere 1 lb 10 oz and was about 12 inches long.

Chapter 2: Kaleb’s Life in the NICU

Kaleb was admitted to the NICU as soon as he was born. He had tubes and monitors coming out everywhere.  The nurse that took care of him that day took a picture for Rosie to see him, since walking at this time was not an option for Rosie after the emergency c-section.

First reaction to Kaleb from Rosie and Marcus was that of shock as we tried to love on him.  He was so tiny he fit in our hands and we could do nothing but hope and trust that God was in control.

Terry, Rosie’s long time friend for 18 years came by to see the baby and encouraged Rosie and Marcus as they went through this journey. Terry’s famous phrase, but oh so comforting, “keep the faith.”

On October 17th, we met Janice the nurse practitioner and one of God’s angels that was sent to oversee Kaleb’s care.  She tried to explain everything as best as we could understand given the circumstances. At this time we found out that Kaleb only had one functioning kidney and we were praying that it would work, so as we prayed to God for hope, we relied so much on Janice’s every report that she provided.

On October 18th Rosie held you for the first time and right then and there Rosie prayed to the Lord that this precious gift given to her would be healed of all that he had. The days went by and Kaleb kept growing stronger, strong enough to hold him out of his isolette.  What a joy that was.

Through all of this Rosie and Marcus visited with Kaleb every day.  They prayed over him daily.  They took pictures of him daily as Lynne  a friend of Rosie said, “If you take the pictures daily you can see his progress even when you don’t think there is one.”

This was their prayer……….. The song He’s My Son by Mark Schultz…..

I’m down on my knees again tonight

I’m hoping this prayer will turn out right

See there is a boy that needs Your help

I’ve done all that I can do myself

His mother is tired

I’m sure You can understand

Each night as he sleeps

She goes in to hold his hand

And she tries not to cry

As the tears fill her eyes


Can You hear me?

Am I getting through tonight?

Can You see him?

Can You make him feel all right?

If You can hear me

Let me take his place somehow

See, he’s not just anyone

He’s my son

Sometimes late at night I watch him sleep

I dream of the boy he’d like to be

I try to be strong and see him through

But God who he needs right now is You

Let him grow old

Live life without this fear

What would I be

Living without him here

He’s so tired and he’s scared

Let him know that You’re there


Can You hear me?

Can You see him?

Please don’t leave him

He’s my son

Many days and weeks went by with daily visits to the NICU at what seemed good and bad days.  Or as they always said in the NICU two steps forward and ten steps backwards.  On November 16th, Rosie spoke with Tina, Kaleb’s primary night nurse that took care of him.  Rosie and Marcus did not even know that Kaleb had a nurse that was assigned to him every time she worked.  A nurse that loved on Kaleb when mom and dad were not around.  A nurse that prayed and sang to him, the songs of Jesus.

As the holidays approached Kaleb grew and grew.  He got to wear clothes as soon as he reached 3 pounds.  What joy to see Kaleb in clothes that were big enough for a doll to wear.  But with the holidays fast approaching, the news came with the sadness that Kaleb would not be home for Christmas.  All around people were rejoicing with their children.  Rosie and Marcus wanted to be strong for Chris and Kayla so that they would enjoy Christmas despite what was happening with Kaleb in the hospital. Rosie and Marcus remained hopeful that Kaleb would be home soon.

Christmas day the entire family stopped in to see baby Kaleb.  How you enjoyed some of the toys, too little to hold them but we got a smile out of you.  It was a blessing because Kaleb had come off the ventilator and the CPAP.  The Lord was moving in Kaleb’s life.

Right before the holidays Rosie and Marcus met another person named Micca.  She was a mom who also had her baby boy Matthew born at 27 weeks, just two weeks before Kaleb at 2 lbs.  She told the story of how she remembered seeing Rosie walking in to the NICU for the first time.  Without knowing a thing about Rosie and Marcus, she prayed for them.  Even though she had her own set of challenges with Baby Matthew.

The weeks went by and Kaleb grew stronger and stronger, despite the fact that he would have set backs after a progress forward.  The last few weeks there was a lot of back and forth on Kaleb’s feedings and whether he could tolerate the feedings or not.  The end conclusion was that he was aspirating on his milk and had thickeners added to it.  But this still was not enough for him.

It was decided that On March 17th Kaleb would have a g-tube placed to help him with his feedings and bilateral inguinal hernia repairs.  This brought Rosie and Marcus back to the day he was born, due to the fear of having him on the ventilator again following the surgery. But it was a necessary procedure and all were hopeful that Kaleb would do well. Kristen, the night nurse on duty the day before surgery, the day of surgery and the day after surgery, brought Rosie and Marcus the comfort that was needed to get through this difficult time.

Rosie and Marcus held on to Psalm 23 as they prayed during surgery.

The Lord certainly heard Marcus and Rosie’s prayers because Kaleb had his surgery and came off the ventilator 3and  1/2 hours after he was intubated!!!!!!!The preparation started for Kaleb to go home in a week. CPR classes, monitor training with the apnea machine, feeding pump training, breathing treatment training, medication training, g-tube care and feedings.  WOW!! Very overwhelming even for a nurse like Rosie.  But the excitement of finally leaving a place that became Kaleb’s first home for 5 months was more exciting. On 3/21/10 we got the word from Janice, bring in Kaleb’s car seat to test him and if he passes he can go home shortly after.

On 3/24/10 Kaleb took his first car ride and it was to go to his home with Mommy and Daddy!! Kaleb was coming out of the NICU and we want the world to know that there is something to Kaleb, a miracle of God!

Kaleb has been home for several months now and although it has been an adjustment with the way parents would normally take care of a baby, he has brought joy to the lives of Marcus and Rosie and those that have had the pleasure of caring for him. Nurses, Respiratory therapists and Doctors  like Janice, Tina, Carrie, Rose, Kristen, Deidre, Shawn, Kirsten, Lillie, Dot,  Dr Wisewll, Dr Bowen, Dr Ajai, Dr Anderson and so many others that through 23 weeks had a part in Kaleb’s life.

During his months at home he has managed to endear himself to his grandparents that have helped to take care of Kaleb.  As well as his brother Chris and sister Kayla.  Kaleb was dedicated to the Lord.  The bible verse that comes to mind is Numbers 14:24 “But because my servant Kaleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.”

The name Kaleb is a Biblical name and signifies ‘dog’. Dog symbolizes faithfulness or loyalty. He was known for his faith in God as he entered Cannan. Jephunneh was his father.  Kaleb was a spy sent to a place named Canaan. This was place which the Hebrew nation refused to enter. Canaan was believed to be the ‘promised land’, a land promised by God.

Chapter 3: Kaleb is Home:

Everyone Meet Kaleb a miracle of God…….

The real miracle in Kaleb’s life will not be realized for years to come. God saved him so his life will be a testimony for thousands of others. Many will be encouraged and even come to know Christ through Kaleb. Yes, where he is right now is a miracle, but what he will accomplish and who he will touch is the greater MIRACLE. We thank God for this miracle.

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Your Quince Can be as Interesting As This….

27 Miracles finds that when a young girl goes from being 14 to turning 15 what a mile marker in her life that will be.  Whenever 27 Miracles’ Planners sit with the Quinceanera and her mom, we want to take the time to see what is the girl’s vision for her special day.  The parents are usually  concerned about the budgets because the girls want the their fairytale dreams to come true.  But what we want to know  before any budget is discussed  is their vision,  as we do not want to ruin anyone’s dreams by saying, “oh sorry I can’t do that.”  We want to be able to work with the Quinceanera and at the same time the budget that the parents have.

Look at this video  of a Sweet 16, sometimes the girls celebrate the Sweet 16 instead but it is celebrated the same as the Quince.

Right now we are offering very affordable complete packages that will assist the parents with the budgets but still be able to help the Quinceanera with the dreams that she is wanting.

Her is an example of a package:

Celebrate Your Quince or Sweet 16

Celebrate Your Quince  or Sweet 16 with 100 Guests for $8,500

4 Hour Photography package includes 11x 14 Mounted as well as CD/DVD

5 Hour Video Package includes 1 Videographer, two Cameras, and 3 DVD’s

Hair and Make Up for the Quinceanera with free touch ups throughout Event

4 Hour DJ Package with 2 Person DJ /MC Team/Lighting Effects Package

Floral Centerpieces included for Guest Tables and Court Table

Cake for 100 guests(Design Restrictions Apply)

8 Hour Coordination for the Day of your event/Assistant/2 Hour Rehearsal Coordination/2 Hour Pre-planning

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The Arras Tradition

The planners at 27 Miracles always have fun planning weddings and events for clients that are all about them.  This is when the planners get to be creative with their client and bring out the client’s utmost wishes for their special day. Because the  important thing here is that “your wedding or event should be everything that you dream of…”

Most recently one of my couples decided that they wanted to incorporate their Latin Heritage into the wedding ceremony.  They are doing the Arras ceremony. The bride sent us the information noted below to include in her wedding program.  She wanted the guests to be aware of what was happening in the ceremony.

Arras come from a Middle Eastern tradition brought to Europe by the Moors. The tradition has been carried throughout the world, especially in places that were Spanish ruled.  Nowadays it is customary in Latin America for the 13 gold coins to be exchanged between the bride and groom to symbolize the sharing of fortune and wealth.

Our bride that is doing the Arras ceremony has had this in her family for many generations, so having it in her modern-day wedding was that extra special touch that she wanted to add to honor her parents and family.

The Arras are thirteen coins.  The number 13 is said to represent Christ and the 12 apostles.  The thirteen coins also stand for love, trust, committment, respect, joy, happiness, harmony, wisdom, wholeness, nurturing, caring, cooperation and peace traits that the couple would want their marriage to be filled with.

As part of the ritual the Officiant blesses the arras.  The arras should symbolize their mutual fidelity and help.  The Bible says that “wealth is the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord.”   It is noted that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

One of the things that 27 Miracles always shares with their brides and grooms  is that this is their special day and they should celebrate it with incorporating part of who they are.  Whether it is in the ceremony or the reception. We at 27 Miracles have a lot of fun planning things with our couples that will surprise their guests.

Here is a video that we came across that shows a couple incorporating who they are, which from the looks of the video is a couple that enjoy having fun and not worrying about the old traditions.

Happy planning to all the couples out there!!!!