27 Miracles Writes about Bridezillas

A short time ago I  was reading some articles about Bridezillas after one of her own brides apologized for calling and emailing me about every detail.  She was under the impression that she was a Bridezilla.  I explained to this very lovely bride that she was NOT a Bridezilla by any stretch of the name.  I found this article and referenced it because it was so correctly stated what a Bridezilla was.


But today I had the opportunity as I flipped through channels to watch two episodes fo Bridezilla( something that I NEVER do) why you ask?  because I truly believe that the brides are made to act that way to create the drama that is needed to be on these tv reality shows.  Most people do not act this way and should be ashamed if they do.  No matter who your wedding planner is whether one from 27 Miracles or one from another company, having a wedding planner brings the calming effect to the event.  When there is a wedding planner coordinating the day of or planning the  entire event, things that can go wrong, are taken care of before there is a chance for it to go wrong.

The reason I watched this episode was because it was in our home town offices of Windermere FL and Winter Garden, FL.  With locations and people well-known to the industry.  I am attaching a copy here of the link to the episode and the article that was written in the paper.

Comments?  None other than saying, grown adults entering into a sacred thing called marriage should not be exploited on TV by exhibiting behavior to constitute them as “female dog brides.”  Having said that my only other opinion is ” if you have a wedding planner with you on the day of your wedding and helping you plan from day one, you will not be under the stress that is caused by a vendor not showing up or asking for 800.00 dollars to pay a vendor the night before the wedding or having paid your linens so late that now the vendor will not accept any form of payment accept cash.

On that note…Happy Planning of your wedding, it really is a fun experience….





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