Congratulations to Alecia and Pablo

27 Miracles wants to wish Alecia and Pablo all the best on their upcoming wedding 9/5/11.  A year-long of planning has flown by. Alecia and Pablo wanted to share their story of how they met.

We were neighbors…

One Thursday night in late April 2010, I was returning from a date. There weren’t any parking spaces close to my unit.  So I parked my car in front of the adjacent building.  Pablo and his roommates were having a party that was spilling out into the parking lot, with music blasting.  Surprised that there was so much commotion on a Thursday night, I walked over to the crowd and asked why I hadn’t been invited.  Out of nowhere, Pablo appeared.  He apologized for the loud music and invited me in.  I politely declined to enter the apartment with three strange men, although I thought he was cute.  After exchanging pleasantries, I proceeded to my apartment to turn in for the night.  A week later, we met up again in the parking lot as I was returning from the hair salon.  I said hello, and asked him to tell me his name again.  He asked me what kind of hair weave I was wearing and complemented my style ( see the pic of my homemade wig that I was wearing that day).  I asked him how he knew about hair weaves (being that he is a caucasian/hispanic male).  He informed me that he became familiar with weaves in his dealings with previous girlfriends over the years.  This made me feel that I had a chance with him.  I invited him in to finish the conversation.  I cooked shrimp & grits for him the next night with a Caesar salad ….  and he never left.  I later named that recipe “Dr. Blake’s get-your-man shrimp & grits” when I realized that the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is really true.   Three months later he proposed in the car as we were heading home from a long night.

And the rest is history…

This is a most interesting story….Congratulations and stay tuned for more on this happy couple…

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